Exploring Patterns Across Data Sets: A Critical Component of Research


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Exploring Patterns Across Data Sets: A Critical Component of Research_1

Chapter 3: Research Methodology3.1 IntroductionResearch is systematic along with the scientific search for the relevant information. It alsoincludes the careful investigation for exploring the ideas as well as searching new facts aboutthe knowledge. It is a way to resolve the problem of research in a systematic way and used toidentify, select, process as well as examine the information about the topic. In a dissertation,the methodology section provides permission to the reader in examining the overall validityand reliability of the study. The selection of methodology to use will be based on the researchquestions, a formulation which is informed by the research perspective (Mackey & Gass, 2015). Methodology helps in understanding the products of scientific inquiry and the process itself. Ithaving the aim of describing as well as examining the methods, by offering lights on thelimitations and resources, clarify the presuppositions along with the consequences. Moreover,they are associated with their capabilities in front of the experts who have the effectiveknowledge(Taylor et al., 2015). This assists in developing a critical and scientific attitudedisciplined thinking as well as observe the things effectively. The methodology section helps inenriching the practitioner and their practices which provide chances to effective study. As theconsumers of research output assist in inculcating the capability to examine as well as utilizethe results of earlier research with the reasonable confidence and also help in making therational decisions (Flick, 2015).
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The current chapter describes the research type, research design, approach, philosophy,sampling technique, collection and analysis of data, validity and reliability and ethicalconsideration in the study. 3.2 Research ObjectivesTo analyze the meaning of internationalizationTo evaluate the internationalization of SMEsTo examine the strategies for the SME InternationalizationTo investigate the barriers and challenges that SME local agricultural production inNigeria may use to internationalize.3.3 Research QuestionWhat are the barriers and possible strategies that SME of local agricultural production inNigeria can use to internationalize?3.4 Research Method. Research method refers to the strategy which is used in implementing and executing the plan.It is necessary that researcher need to select an appropriate research method which help inconducting the research effectively and proficiently. Research methods are the strategies whichare utilized in the collection of data in order to uncover the new information (Lewis, 2015).Two types of research exist. They are;
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1.Qualitative: It is a logical technique for perception in social affair the non-numericalinformation. This sort of research portrays the implications, ideas definitions, attributes,images alongside the depiction of things yet not to their tallies or measures. The threenormal subjective strategies are member perception, inside and out meetings, andcenter gatherings. Every technique is explicitly suited for acquiring and gathering anexplicit kind of information (Ary et al., 2018). 2.Quantitative: In this research method is emphasizing on the objective measurementsalong with the statistical or numerical examination of a collection of informationthrough a questionnaire and survey. Some distinctive characteristics of quantitativeresearch include structured tools and it helps in collecting in-depth along with theactionable data from the survey respondents. It is affiliated with the ideas from thescientific method that is theories and hypotheses. It is necessary to include theexperimental control and manipulation of variables for measurement (Bryman, 2017). The researcher will use qualitative research to move forward with the research as this type ofresearch in conducting the individual interviews which help in exploring the experiences, ideas,perspectives and situations with the small number of respondents. .... The methodology helpsin the research process that can be adapted to collect resources that can help in investigatingthe strategies that can be used by the SMEs to adopt internationalization.3.5 Research DesignThe research design incorporates the arrangement of techniques and systems which is utilizedin gathering and looking at the proportions of the factors which is determined in the
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