Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation Assignment

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Strategy, Enterpriseand Innovation
INTRODUCTIONIn today's modern world each business organisation are focused on adopting mostsuitable strategy in order to reaching at higher position at market place (Scholes, 2015).Innovation is refers as the process of translating thorough, ideas and invention into proper goodsand services which create value for firm as well as customers. Apple Inc. is a most popularAmerican multinational corporation which manufacturers and designs consumers electronic andcomputer products. Apple is famous for its innovation and high quality of goods and serviceswhich are offered to their customers in order to satisfying their current needs and wants. Thisreport contents the study about distinctive internal sources and capabilities that are helpful ingaining competitive advantage at market place. The external environment and their impact on theentrepreneurial activities. It identifies key drivers of changes from the external environment andits impact on competitive forces which are helpful in influencing profitability of firm will bediscussed in detail to highlight the profitability and attractiveness of the industry. Section 1: A) The internal resources and capabilities that give the organisation a competitive advantage. A core competency is a concept of management theory which introduced by Gary Haneland C.K. Prahalad. Ir can be considered as a harmonized combination of various skills,knowledge and resources which helps in distinguish a firm in the market place. Core competencyis a most essential term which helps in creating differentiation among organisation or itscompetitors who are available at market place. Core competencies are widely applied by eachbusiness organisation because it is more effective in generating high competitive advantage atmarket place in order to providing high competition to their competitors. Apple is applyingvarious marketing strategies and spend a huge amount in effectively implementation of activitiesin right direction and the applied strategies are distinctive an innovative as compared to otherbusiness organisation. Internal resources can be stated as the resources which are used for productivity withinorganisation including staff member's development. Competitive advantage can be gained by twoways: Internal and External factors. Internal factors plays an important role in making APPLEgain competencies level. It makes growth and enhance productivity as well as performance levelof a firm. 1

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