Effective Leadership Styles for Solving Contemporary Issues


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Introduction:-The case study is concerned with the internet sector. Internet sector is known as a collaborationbetween the communication sector and the information technology sector. It primarily deals withthe virtual applications such as transmission of communications and information technologysystem. Various challenges are faced by management to manage the internet sector(Bhatti,2012). Some of the challenges are:-Managing cash flow: - Cash is the king of every business. The main assumption that arapidly growing business has adequate cash is misguided.Open work environment: - Open work environment means include employees input in thedecision making. It is important for the organization because when disparities intechnology seem, it will result in employee discontent.This whole case is completely based on Google organization. In this case, the whole focus of theteam members is on analyzing the various group norms and how they are improving the team ofthe Google organization.Background:-Google is a special American multinational technology company which is specializing in internetproducts and services like: ranging search, cloud computing, online advertising, and software.Google derives its highest profit from the AdWords which placing the online advertisementsnear search listings. In this case, there is a girl named Julia Rozovsky of 25 years who had agreat experience but she was not considered as a good match for any of the team. She was facingmore problems while working in a team. In 2012, Julia was hired by the Google to work uponProject Aristotle for study hundreds of Google's team and for figure out why some stumbled
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while others soared. Project Aristotle researchers began looking for the group norms. Afterlooking more than 100 groups, researchers of the Project conclude that it is mandatory for allteam members to study group norms and to understand how these norms influence the norms ofthe group. Julia figure out all the norms which are critical for the success of the team. After Juliagave one presentation on her findings, an employee named Matt was employed by theorganizations as a middle-level manager. Matt was interested in the Project Aristotle because theprevious team was not working well on this Project (Stacks,2014).Issues and problems:-There are various issues and problems in this case. Following are the main important issueswhich are identified in this case:-The first main problem arises, in this case, is that there are various conflicts between theteam members. These conflicts raised due to their lack of cooperation. Conflicts arisebetween the team members on the leadership role and making a decision regardingrepresenting the group in the class.The second important problem in this case is that the teams of the Google are poor. Theydon't know how to work in a team which influence their whole work performance. Lack of strong managers to lead the team in an efficient manner.Weaknesses among the performance of the various team members. This problem facedby the Google just because members of the team gave middling to poor scores.Communication problem among members of the group. Low morale of the employees leads low productivity.
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