Impacts of Small Business on Economy Assignment

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Student Name/ID NumberUnit Number and Title9 Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementAcademic Year2018Unit TutorMohamaad Ahsan khanAssignment TitleVenture types and impacts of small business on economyIssue Date16-07-2018Submission Date30-12-2018IV Name & DateHatif Roohan ChishtiSubmission FormatThe submission is in the form of an individual written report. This should be written in aconcise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 12. You are required to makeuse of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supportedwith research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide abibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 2,000–2,500 words, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.
LO1Explore and illustrate the range of venture types that might be consideredentrepreneurialAssignment Brief and GuidanceYou are planning to start your enterprise. And you want to complete your research for smallmedium enterprises before starting practical work on it. Every business at its initial level is smallbusiness later on it may expand so you are planning to do complete research on it. For thispurpose, you are required to make a report on entrepreneurship and small businessmanagement.You are required to investigate the concept of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurialactivity and enterprise in your chosen organization. Also differentiate between serialentrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and owner-managers. In addition to that discuss whichtype you will use in your venture.Explore the roles and characteristics of micro, small and medium-sized organizations inentrepreneurial ventures. Also discuss the similarities and differences between theseventures which can help you to implement in your entrepreneurial venture.Provide a clearunderstanding of the growth and lifestyle of entrepreneurship in publicsector and corporate sector.After discussing the growthof entrepreneurship in public sector and corporate sector,you are required tocritically analyze the scope, development and growth of your chosenentrepreneurial venture.Unit Learning OutcomesLO2Assess the impact of small businesses on the economyAssignment Brief and GuidanceIn reference to the LO1 as a new entrepreneur, you need to investigate the impacts of smallbusinesses on the economy by taking the example of your chosen organization.Analyzethe number and types of small firms and their contribution to the socialeconomy at national, regional and local level. Also highlight their size, turnover, profit,rate of growth, innovation, sustainability and adaptability statistics and how thesefindings can affect your selected venture/project report.Evaluate the differences small, medium and large businesses make to the economy,applying relevant data and statistics. Also highlight the impacts of local regional nationaland international business start-ups on different levels of economy and how it will affectyour chosen venture.Unit Learning OutcomesLO3Determine and assess the key aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset
Assignment Brief and GuidanceIn reference to 1stand 2ndLos, You need to doresearch on your personal characteristicsas entrepreneurs and small business owners. Provide different lines of argumentrelating to characteristics of entrepreneurs such as are entrepreneurs born or made? Orcan characteristics be learnt and adopted by anyone? Also briefly discuss the types ofskills that represent entrepreneurs and how these skills will differentiate you from otherorganization managers.Explore entrepreneurial characteristics and situational factors in a personal context,including family upbringing, lifestyle, cultural differences and personal motivation anddrivers which will help you in setting up your entrepreneurial venture. Also give specificexamples of successful entrepreneurs and their motivational drivers and relate themwith your personality.Unit Learning OutcomesLO4Examine the different environments that foster or hinder entrepreneurshipAssignment Brief and GuidanceExaminethe range of factors that influence the choice to start-up a business, includingPersonal background and education, national culture, economic circumstances andcharacter traits. which can hinder your chosen project.Elaborate with examples the potential rewards and the risks and uncertainties ofbusiness start-up and how they can be mitigated.In your chosen project you have to critically evaluate that how your past experiencesinfluence personality of entrepreneurs both positively and negatively with the help ofexamples.Learning Outcomes and Assessment CriteriaPassMeritDistinctionLO1Explore and illustrate the range of ventureD1Critically examine
types that might be considered entrepreneurialthe scope, developmentand growth ofentrepreneurialventures.P1Examine differenttypes of entrepreneurialventures and explainhow they relate to thetypology ofentrepreneurship.P2Explore thesimilarities anddifferences betweenentrepreneurialventures.M1Investigate adiverse range ofentrepreneurialventures todemonstrate anunderstanding ofentrepreneurship inboth the public andcorporate sector.LO2Assess the impact of small businesses on theeconomyD2Critically examinehow small businesseshave an impact ondifferent levels of theeconomy (local,regional, national) andin an internationalcontext.P3Interpret and assessrelevant data andstatistics to illustratehow micro and smallbusinesses impact onthe economy.P4Explain theimportance of smallbusinesses and businessstart-ups to the growthof the social economy.M2Evaluate thedifferences small,medium and largebusinesses make to theeconomy, applyingrelevantdata and statistics.LO3Determine and assess the key aspects of anentrepreneurial mindsetD3Analyse thecharacteristic traits,skills and motivationaldrivers of successfulentrepreneurs,supported by specificexamples.P5Determine thecharacteristic traits andskills of successfulentrepreneurs thatdifferentiate them fromother businessmanagers.P6 Assess how aspectsof the entrepreneurialpersonality reflectentrepreneurialmotivation and mindset.M3Explore andexamine different linesof argument relating toentrepreneurialcharacteristics.LO4Examine the different environments thatfoster or hinder entrepreneurshipD4Critically evaluatehow background andexperience influencesentrepreneurs, bothpositively and
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