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SCIE207 Phase 4 Lab Report: Exploring Endocrine, Circulatory, and Respiratory Systems

Added on -2019-09-16

This lab report is for SCIE207 Phase 4 and explores the endocrine, circulatory, and respiratory systems. The lab report consists of tables that need to be filled with the help of the given diagram and resources. The endocrine system table requires the name of the organ or part, hormone(s) produced or secreted, and their number. The cardiovascular system table requires the name of the structure, major function, and their number. The respiratory system table requires the name of the organ or structure, major function, and their number.
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Student WorksheetName:Date:Instructor’s Name:Assignment: SCIE207 Phase 4Lab ReportTitle: Exploring Endocrine, Circulatory,andRespiratory SystemsInstructions:Your lab report will consist of the completed tables.Label each component of the endocrine, cardiovascular (circulatory), and respiratory systems and their functions in the following tables.When your lab report is complete,submit this document to your instructor in your assignment box.EndocrineSystem:Observe the diagram showing the major organs of the endocrine system. Using the textbook and Virtual Library resources, fill in the following table:Endocrine SystemNumberName of the Organ orPartHormone(s) Produced or Secreted1Parathyroid GlandsParathyroid hormone2Thyroid GlandThyroxine, calcitonin3Pineal GlandMelatonin4HypothalamusProduces ADH and oxytocin, regulatory hormones for the anterior pituitary.Produces and secretes TRH, Dopamine, GHRH, Somatostatin, Gonadotropin.5Pituitary GlandAnterior: Produces and secretes ACTH, TSH, GH, FSH, LH, MSH Posterior: Secretes Oxytocin and ADH6ThymusThymosins7HeartAtrial natriuretic peptide, brain natriuretic peptide8StomachGhrelin, Gastrin, Histamine, Neuropeptide Y, Endothelin9KidneyErythropoietin, Renin, Calcitriol10Small IntestineSecretin, cholecystokinin

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