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Student’s Last Name2Growth trajectory is caused by various structural aspects which are connected torisks in the economy through the implementation of information technology.There are two types of growth trajectory which are logarithmic and exponential.The logarithmic refers to a situation where institutions improve but with time itbecomes difficult to cope with the progress.On the other hand, exponential refers to a situation where an organization attractscustomers and more opportunities for progression are created (Booth, 2015 p.50).Based on the two types of growth trajectory, Pal should adopt the exponential toexperience a linear which individuals experience.Exponential growth trajectory will benefit Pal as it operates in a competitivebusiness advantage and it will overcome stagnation. Through this type of growthtrajectory, Pal will work effectively towards developing and innovating menu toensure it offers several items (Nielsen, 2015 p.35).Pal will set goals and work towards achieving them as they have done in theprevious years. Considering Moore’s law, Pal’s growth may trajectory in a densecircuit which is integrated in the following years. Pal’s technological growth,wealth, business development, and rewards are all integrated into the exponentialgrowth trajectory. After a short period, it is expected that Pal’s market share willsaturate as competition stabilize due to the exponential growth trajectory. Pal willnot overlook opportunities and it has a chance to achieve its goals within a shorttime.To summarize, exponential growth trajectory is associated with endurance andresilience as in the beginning feedback may be negative and Pal may need to
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