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Added on - 30 Sep 2021

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The issues
As per the case study, prior research conducted by the data scientists of Flibber reveals
that a range of newsfeed is capable of influencing the emotions of users in an effective manner.
The case study mentioned that the target customer oriented advertisements are way more
effective than newsfeed posts over human emotions.
The social networking site Flibber which mainly target to connect people with their
friends and family is carrying a pilot project that is integrated by nature. In a more elaborate
manner, the pilot project of Flibber is all about combining the newsfeed posts and the
advertisement featuring and delivering just-in-time products with the aim of transforming the
unhappy users into happy users.
Since Mood deals with mood enhancing natural as well as a nutritional supplement;
Flibber will help the company to detect people when they suffer from unhappiness. In order to
carry out a target customer oriented digital marketing campaign Mood needs to aware of the
customer's emotional status and persuade them to buy the product. Hence, as per the requirement
the company will use some platform like Flibber through which the representatives of the
company can interact directly with a wide range of audiences and can figure out the target
audiences that is the users who are suffering from unhappiness.
As the first step in digital marketing, the company Mood will be required to give specific
data related to customer requirement. The customer data will help Flibber to understand the
unhappy users and to strategize the newsfeed and advertisements for those particular customers.
The data will cover the details of personal email ID, contact number, complete address with
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postal code and date of birth, age and gender.Therefore the two ethical issues are regarding
unethical hand over of customers’ information and the manipulative digital campaign.
The ethical analysis
From the marketing campaign, it can be seen thatthe primary ethical issue will be
regarding the handing over of the personal details of the customers with prior consent from
them.In the entire proposed digital marketing strategy, there was no mention of ethical hand
over of personal information of the customers with prior permission from the customers' end
(Goel, 2014). There are high chances that in case the details are in wrong hands and are misused.
For example cyberbullying can be occurred if personal email id is hacked. Thus ethical concern
in terms of customer data transferring has not been addressed.In the meantime, another ethical
issue of the entire digital marketing strategy is that there can be a high chance that Flibber
can manipulate the emotion of the target customers of the company, Mood for the sale of
their product(Hill, 2014). For instance, the just in time products like newsfeed post can be
contained such contents which can manipulate the users to buy or use the supplements which are
entirely undesirable for making a profit.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that the primary ethical concern is sharing the
personal details of customers with Fribble without the customers' consent. Thus, in order to
begin the elaboration, the issue will be discussed in relation to the theory ofutilitarianism. The
utilitarianism generally refers to the idea or connects of ethics that supports morally right
something. The utilitarianism crucially encourages the benefit generation for more substantial
interest. Thus, this normative theory checks whether a particular activity is right or wrong, more
than that whether it is moral or immoral. Hence, the identified ethical issue is crucially severe
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according to the theory of utilitarianism the data transferring without the customers are morally
wrong. As the issue has come in the highlight, it needs to be assured all the implications of
utilitarianism strictly adhere before the digital marketing campaigns are held.
On the other hand, it has also been identified that the proposal did not fulfill the norms of
deontological theory. The theory of deontological ethics gives particular emphasis on the
connection between the concept of responsibility and duty. In accordance with the approach of
deontology, an action is regarded as morally right due to the characteristical aspects not because
of the favorable or good outcome of the result. Thus, in order to relate the issue of a digital
marketing campaign, it can be seen that the characteristics of the action of transferring the data
sheet of customers’ contact and personal details are highly wrong on the grounds of morality.
The concept of deontological morals gives extraordinary accentuation on the association within
the idea of obligation. As per the theory of deontology, an activity is viewed as morally ideal due
to the characteristical perspectives not as a result of the great or great result of the outcome. In
this manner, with the end goal to relate the issue of the digital showcasing campaign, it very well
may be seen that the characteristics of the activity of transferring the information sheet of clients'
contact and individual points of interest are profoundly wrong on the grounds of moral quality.
The other theory issocial contract theorywhich alludes to the philosophy of social
relation. For instance, an individual’s moral obligation is based on the contract or agreement
between the individual and society. Since it is the responsibility and duty of the company Mood
to secure the details of its customers, it requires gaining consent or imposing certain limitations
over the access of the data. The other social constriction theory is an implicit understanding
hypothesis which implies the logic of social connection. For example, a person's ethical
commitment depends on the agreement or understanding between the individual and the general
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