Study of Room Attendant Stress at Work

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Running head: ROOM ATTENDANT STRESS AT WORKRoom attendant stress at workName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ROOM ATTENDANT STRESS AT WORKWith the growing hotel industry in the world the number of room cleaners and roomattendant are increasing invariably. The hotel attendants comprises of both male and femaleworkers and immigrants from other countries and places. However, the room attendants has toface a lot of challenges while working in the hotel such as long working hours, low pay, low jobsecurity and mental pressure. They are also prone to a lot of health risk because of the type ofpressure they face at work such as lifting heavy beds, bending down to clean. Moreover, theseworks has to be done very fast which causes back problems in them. Further,Oxenbridge &Moensted, 2011has examined that the payment system also has an impact on the health of theworkers. They usually are paid on the basis of number of rooms cleaned in a day rather thanhourly basis. This makes their salary very low compared to other works. It has been discussed byHsieh, Postolopoulos & Sonmez (2016) that the hotel housekeepers face a lot of health hazardsdue to work which has lead to increasing stress among them. They also face mental strains due todifficulties they face from immigration such as language problem, socioeconomic barriers andlack of health services. Moreover, the low pay they get does not allow them to spent adequateamount of money on health problem, which worsens their conditions even more.The paper analyzed for this purpose has failed to discuss about the ways that can change inthe hotel industry to reduce the effect of various environment on the room attendants. Some ofthe papers also failed to focus on the specific task that has lead to the increasing injuries amongthe room attendants (Hon, Chan & Lu, 2013). Some of the articles have given space to futureresearch that can be taken such as offering collaborative environment whereby they can put moreeffort on maintaining the working condition in favor of the workers. Further, it has been seen thatqualitative research alone did not help them find a proper environment for work (Hsieh,Apostolopoulos & Sönmez, 2013). A quantitative research analyzing is also required for

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