Diversity, Social Justice, and Learning Essay

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.Study Smart essay drafting templateUse this drafting template to help you write Assignment 1 for102083 Diversity, Social Justice,and Learning. Write the separate parts of your essay in the boxes provided, following theinstructions and guidance given. Then you can copy and paste the words from each box intoyour favourite word processing application and edit your draft.Essentials of writing essaysIn this essay, you will be expected to write athesis statementanddevelop an analyticaldiscussionthat supports the thesis.A thesis statement is made up of a sentence or two where you clearly state: 1. the precisetopic or issue you are writing about, and 2. the analytical position you take on that topic. Yourthesis may be your response to an issue, or it may be an answer to a specific question that youhave been asked. Your position is based on your evaluation of the available research on thistopic and is informed by the theoretical framework(s) you decide to apply. This is a form of‘critical thinking’, also called ‘being critical’, and often, ‘being original’.When you are writing an essay, you:.Analyse and evaluate the existing information about the topic;.Establish your analytical position – often, by answering a question, and often in response tothe positions of others;.Present your analysis of the issue, and your theory or methodology. This is how you developyour discussion.Figure 1 (below) tells you more about these steps (adapted from Wingate, 2012).
Figure 1.Developing an analytical discussion. This figure shows the main elements in thedevelopment.
See theLibrary Study Smartwebsite for more information. TheWritingpage has informationabout writing essays. TheResearching and readingpage has information about finding,reading, and evaluating sources, and critical thinking.Your essay draftIntroductionIntroduction hint: Write your introduction both firstandlast in the process. Write a basic draftfirst, to give you a plan for what to write about. Then write your body and conclusion. You mayend up writing the essay slightly differently from what you thought when you started. At theend, revise your introduction if needed so that it matches up with your conclusions, and theorder in which you write about main ideas in the body.1.General statement referring to the concepts ofdiversity, difference and equityas theyapply to your social justice issue in schooling. Write one or two sentences to inform thereader of the main focus of the essay, so that they understand what the essay is about in abroad sense.
.Diversity can be defined as inclusive practice which involves gender, disability, age, race, socio- economicstatus, cultural background as well as linguistic differences (Shilling, C, 2017).It can be referred as thosedimensions which can be utilised for differentiating a group of people. Difference can be referred to as akey concept of philosophy which denote the procedure by which one entity can be distinguished fromother(Oakley, K., and O'Brien, D, 2016).Equity in context of social justice referred to as fairness ofsocial policy. The principle of equity states that it is the duty of social administrators to make sure that allthe services are delivered equally to people(Reay, D, 2018).In the context of teaching or education, it isthe duty of school administrators as well as tutors, to make sure that all the students are being providedwith access to learning opportunities. This essay will highlight different theories which are applicable indifferent situations in order to identify different situational contexts which will help the teacher inmodifying his techniques as per the changing cultural background of the student. The essay will havefocus on identification as well as analysis of the issue related to the cultural diversity in context ofeducation. The issue selected for the essay is related to cultural diversity in higher educational context.In the following essay, there will be a greater emphasis on explaining the concept of equity and access inapproaches to education and the impact on student alienation. The way marginalisation affects individualas as well as other teaching practices will also be studied in detail in this essay..Thesis – one or two sentences to state your analysis of the precise (narrowed-down) topic ofthe essay, indicating what specific issue you will be dealing with. Two common examplethesis types are: 1. Giving a general but clear answer to a question that has been asked, or2. Responding to the positions that other writers have taken on the topic.Cultural diversity can be defined as the quality of diverse cultures as opposed to mono culture. Itcan also be referred to as the existence of a multiplicity of sub-cultures and different valuesystems in a plural or multicultural society or other setting. According to the opinion ofBlossfeld,H. P., Buchholz, S., Skopek, J., and Triventi, M. (Eds.) (2016), social justice can be referred to asfair distribution of material as well as non- material resources which are beneficial and valuable.However, the definition of the social justice has been criticised by various other authors whobelieves that social justice can be defined as constant as well as perpetual. According to theinvestigation conducted by authorsRobertson, S. L. and Dale, R (2015), findings of which revealsthat in context of higher education, students belonging to different cultures are treated very badlyby tutors in the educational institution. However, the research performed byEvans, J., andDavies, B (2017), the outcome of which shows that there are many teachers in the highereducational institutions who have formed an unchanging perception that students which belong toother cultures do not value education and are lazy having poor communication skills.
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