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Statistics and Graphical Displays (DOC)

Added on - 29 Apr 2020

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StatisticsNameInstitutionInstructor22ndOctober 2017
Summary statistics and Graphical displaysSummary StatisticsIn the table below (table 1), we observe that the average afternoon cars are the highest numberrecorded. Results shows that an average of approximately 61 cars were counted in the afternooncompared to an average of 51 cars counted in the morning. For trucks, average of 15 trucks werecounted in the afternoon against 14 trucks counted in the morning hours.MorningCarsMorningTrucksAfternoonCarsAfternoonTrucksMean51.32014.34760.98714.573Standard Error2.1380.9342.1551.297Median51.00012.00060.00011.000Mode57.00018.00060.0006.000Standard Deviation18.5128.08818.66711.230Sample Variance342.70765.419348.446126.113Kurtosis4.2521.2940.3674.437Skewness1.3971.187-0.2951.929Range112.00035.00085.00061.000Minimum21.0003.00013.0000.000Maximum133.00038.00098.00061.000Sum3849107645741093Count75757575The median number of cars counted in the morning and afternoon were 51 and 60 respectivelywhile the trucks counted in the morning and afternoon were 12 and 11 respectively. Theminimum number of trucks in the afternoon and morning were 0 and 3 respectively while for thecars the minimum in the morning and afternoon were 21 and 13 respectively.The maximum number of trucks in the afternoon and morning were 61 and 38 respectively whilefor the cars in the maximum for the morning and afternoon were 133 and 98 respectively. Themorning cars are more widely distributed as compared to the afternoon cars. On contrary, for thetrucks, the afternoon counts are more widely distributed as compared to the morning counts.
Graphical displaysFor the morning day, more counts (n = 22) were observed on Wednesday while the lowest counts(n = 1) were observed on Thursday.Morning DayFor the afternoon day, more counts (n = 21) were observed on Thursday while the lowest counts(n = 6) were observed on Monday.
Afternoon DayInferential Statisticsa)For this we sought to test the following hypothesis;H0:μ=67HA:μ>67Tested at 5% level of significance.T-TestOne Sample T-Test95% Confidence IntervaltdfpMean DifferenceCohen's dLowerUpperMorning total traffic flow-0.550740.708-1.333-0.06361.63Note.Student's T-Test.Note.For all tests, the alternative hypothesis specifies that the mean is greater than 67.
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