Substance Abuse and Crime: A Review of Literature


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1SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND CRIMELiterature ReviewIn a study conducted by Maynard (2015), the researcher assessed the spread of criminalbehavior, mental health and substance use in dropouts resulting from a sample taken from thenation of 18 years to 25 years (Total respondents=19312) evolving adults in U.S. the researcherhas employed various logistic regression making adjustment to multifaceted survey sampling andmade comparison of graduates with high school dropouts related to criminal behavior, mentalhealth and substance use. The findings from this study give significant insight as well as initialportrait of epidemiology of criminal attitude of dropouts, substance use and mental health at thetime of developing adulthood.In a research conducted by Gottfredson (2008), the link between crime and substance use bymodelling the variation in subjects for more than 11 months of period with a total sample ofnearly 157 offenders who use chronic drug. Also this study examined consequence of treatmentof drug in past few months over crime that generated the income, bit not over the violent crimeas well as the consequence of treating the drug addiction over the crime that generates significantincome is arbitrated by reducing the use of drugs. Tis work modifies the prior working bydemonstrating that effect of usage of drug differentiates by the type of crime and by givingfurther proof that treatment of drug lowers the use of heroin and cocaine that may help inlowering the property crime. In another study conducted by Fazel (2006), the researcher aimed to review the research ofoccurrence of substance dependence and abuse in prisoners over reception in supervision. Theresearcher conducted the study to measure occurrence of alcohol and drug abuse as well as itsdependence in female and male prisoners over reception in the prison. Total 13 studies along
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