Summative assessment 1. caring ways across cultures can

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Summative assessment 1caring ways across cultures can sometimes be challenging, especially when the values and expectationsof one culture are different to those from another. This can make it difficult for carer to feel a sense ofbelonging to any community. However, when carers find a way of taking care that feels right for them, ithelps them to develop a cultural identity and a sense of belonging. This is particularly important forchildren, because a sense of belonging and a strong cultural identity supports their mental health andwell being. There are lots of things that can help carer to develop a sense of belonging. for instance theirmight be food in some culture which are forbid to be eaten and as care taker to maintain respect fortheir culture and helping the kid to eat food in school or day-care is by adding a menu for once weakthat child can eat that food. so that child in care don't feel any problem in care.The cultural diversity can be more prominent during the religious festivals. At the childcare center , itneeds to be ensured that values and beliefs of all the children are respected. For instance, at the carecenter , the key religious programs for every child are celebrated. Along with Christmas, the childrenalso get chance to know the festivals like Buddha’s birthday, Chinese new Year, Holi, Eid etc. Similarly,the food habit of children from every culture are also respected and given value. Both the vegetarianand non-vegetarian children are catered at the care center and provided with nutritious meals as pertheir preference.Question 5The sustainability and the environmental responsibility at the workplace can be increased using thefollowing techniques—Firstly, the employees need to be informed clearly regarding the changes the organization isbringing towards the sustainability. For instance, the organization needs to demonstratewhether it is focusing on reducing the energy usage, reducing waste or increasing recycling. Theemployees also need to understand the benefits associated with the changes.Secondly, seeking feedbacks from the employees is an effective technique to enhance theirengagement to the sustainability programs. Seeking feedbacks from the employees enable themto take part in the sustainability programs actively.Question 7The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is considered as one of the childhood curriculum frameworka that enables the educators to create the quality programs. The EYLF helps the educators in thefollowing ways—
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