Implementation of IT System in Marley - Project Management Plan


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Task 1Task NameImplementation of IT System in Marley Project Starts Project Objectives Evaluate Need Evaluate Business Objective Develop Project Charter Intial Meetings Preparing Budget Get Charter Approved Project Planning Project base development Developing Project Scope Measurement of project progress as per time, budget and cost Limitation definition of project Inclusion and exclusion of project Approving the project plan Project Development Design development software preliminary setups Network Installation Requirement Assessment Equipment Installation Preliminary Network Testing Implementing Improvements System Installation System resource assessment System Implementation Preliminary Testing Implementing Improvements Project Quality, Document, Development, Deploying Test Unit Test Test Integration Stress Test Deploy Deploy Contingency Make Live Document

Document Test Result Document Changes Document Migration plan Document Governance Plan Project Closure Get Approval and Sign off Final Meeting Stakeholder ApprovalTask 2Task NameDurationImplementation of IT System in Marley89 days Project Starts12 days Project Objectives12 days Evaluate Need5 days Evaluate Business Objective12 days Develop Project Charter12 days Intial Meetings1 day Preparing Budget12 days Get Charter Approved2 days Project Planning15 days Project base development15 days Developing Project Scope15 days Measurement of project progress as per time, budget and cost15 days Limitation definition of project5 days Inclusion and exclusion of project5 days Approving the project plan5 days Project Development18 days Design development15 days System Preliminary Setup18 days Network Installation15 days Requirement Assessment2 days Equipment Installation15 days Preliminary Network Testing5 days Implementing Improvements4 days System Installation15 days System resource assessment3 days System Implementation15 days

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