Action Plan for Gaining Team Trust


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Task 2Action plan for gaining team trustIntroduction In the given case, it important for the sales manager enhances trust and collaboration among the team members. With the effective team members, there will be high level of commitment to achieve the common sales objectives. If there will be trust and collaboration, thenteam members will experience high level of satisfaction from being the part of and working with the sales manager. With the collaborative approach, members will work together in the integrated way and appreciate each other’s strengths. Along with this, there will be high capability of solving the problems and willingness to act. Sales manager can take effective decision for the benefits of stakeholders in the business. The effectiveness of the team is the capacity and ability for achieving the goals and objectives effectively. Sales manager can gain trust and collaboration by collecting the team that will share responsibilities, tasks and output. Bythe proper action plan, sales manager can gain collaboration among team members and provide various benefits to the stakeholders. With some effective decisions, sales manager can enhance the values and benefits for the stakeholders in the business. The manager can take decisions related to learning, business process, outputs and innovative and creative approach. Firstly, it is important to identify the objectives of company. So, sales manager would focus on the objectives of the business and involve the team members in the planning and assessment of work performance for employees. By effective learning and creative approach, team members can improve their performance that can benefit to the business and stakeholders. Action plan Team is basically the group of people but they work together for a common objective of to achieve common aim. So, team members need proper coordination in their task. In a team, members are independent on each other so, it is necessary to set the formal structure and collaboration. It is important to set a clear and proper purpose for the team members. Having proper role, team members can enhance their performance and achieve the organizational goals

effectively. It is well known that without trust, there is no leadership. When the leader establishesthe trust with the team members then it impacts on their productivity. In such condition, team members feel safe in sharing their opinions and view point without any retribution and judgment and collaborate on the projects. So, trust and collaboration create highly motivated and productive workforce. Leadership is only effective when there is trust and collaboration among team members. Building trust can take some time and efforts to make collaborative approach among team members. For creating team collaboration and trust, there is an action plan. In the plan, there are some ideas that need to be improved effectively.PlanFair and principled behavior For enhancing trust and collaboration in the sales team, fair and principled behavior will be shown to them. It is important that they follow a principled behavior set by the leader so that they can achieve the sales objectives. Sales manager will demonstrate core values in front of team members. Core values will be helpful for the team members to treat each other equally. Without treating equally, trust can never be possible. For this, manager will demonstrate effective values, attitude and beliefs in order to gain trust of the team members. Manager will also take a systematic approach for developing collaboration among the team members. With thestrong leadership development practices, high level of collaboration will be implemented. Role model development Sales manager will set the culture of development and collaboration. Manager will act like a role model for the team members as he believes that trust is important and it must be priority. Clearly communicate expectationsIn the company, this idea of adapting and growing as a leader can be enhanced for developing the leaders. People need to adopt the attitude, skills and practices that are important to operate the business at the global level. In the current scenario, sales manager will effectively apply his leadership skills in the different situations so that he can use the skills as ‘fit for future purpose’. New sales manager will deal with various challenges in the company. In order to tackle with the

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