Template for evidence collection to be attached with the report

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Template for evidence collection tobe attached with the report by thelearner:Project Logbook for the chosenorganisation:Name of the learner:Name of the Supervisor:Project Title:Date:Update of weekly research/ tasksachieved (Account for a minimumof six weeks with dates)What have you completed?Did you fulfil Taskrequirements?Are you on track and withindeadlines set?Did you need to make anychanges to your projectmanagement plan?Project is accomplished onanalysing CSR activities forprofitability of Cereal Killercafe.Yes, all requirements arefulfilled and strategies areimplemented systematically.Yes, all activities are completedin proper decided time.Some changes are createdbecause of fluctuations in priceand operations for businessoperations. Moreover, they getmanaged more efficientlyaccording to occurred changes.Any risks and / or issuesidentified?Did you identify risks/issueswith a lack of skills requiredfor undertaking researchtasks?Did you identify anyadditional risks/issues thathave an impact on theproject management plan?Sometimes risk of lack ofcoordination among teamworkers occurred as well lack offund and resources for businessoperations.Because of above mentionedrisks, different risks wereassociated like; facingcompetition, achieving society'strust towards services providedbyCereal Killer cafe.Problems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?How did you overcomeCommunication among teamworkers and coordination fortheir performances for working
them?in group.By fulfilling their requirementsand creating positiveenvironment of entity.New Ideas and change of projectdirectionAdvertising utility services asCSR in public at higher level togain their trust towardsCerealKiller cafe's services.What Have I learnt about myselfthis week?How did I feel when I had todeal with tasks/problems?Did I find it useful tocomplete the tasks?How well have I performed?What did I contribute?What can I improve on nextweek?How might this learningapply in the future?I felt confident and good teamworker as well my differentskills get improved.Yes, I accomplished all tasks inproper deadlines with fulldedication.I performed very well. Aftercompleting my work, I also helpto my team workers to finish thetask effectively.I can improve my problemsolving skills and creatingunderstanding environment toreach out set target with teambuilding.This learning is helpful forpersonal and professionaldevelopment therefore in futuretime, I can perform better as wellall problems occurred in currentprojection will be reduced.Tasks planned for next weekWhich tasks are priority?Have you set aside sufficienttime for completion?Implementing CSR for CerealKiller cafe is most at propertyfor effectiveness of coffee shop.All tasks and theiraccomplishing time set for allteam workers according to theirabilities.Project plan status to date (on,ahead, behind)All project planning get succeedappropriately that will beeffective for future time period.Supervisor comments to addressSatisfied with projection andanalyses positive changes for
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