Asymptotic Behavior of Algorithms


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1.The asymptotic behavior of this functionf( n ) = 3n+ 161 isa. 3nb. 3nc. 161d. 161n2.In generala single loop over n items yields f( n ) =___.a. n*nb. unknownc. 2nd. n3.A loop within a loop within a loop yields f( n ) = ___.a.4+nb.3nc.n3d.infinity4.Look at this programinti;for( i = 0; i < n; ++i ) {f(n);}What the number of instructions of the whole program is asymptotically if f(n) has exactly n instructions?a.n2b.ic.1d.05.This algorithm is a ____ algorithm.j = a[0] + a[1]a.Linearb.Cubicc.Logryhthmicd.Constant time6.In a sequence of loops, which one determines theasymptotic behavior of the program?
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