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The coursework will assess your ability to demonstrate your programming knowledge, purely in Java. The more sophisticated it is, the higher your marks will be as you will see from the mark scheme below. Option 1 - Restaurant Billing Management System (individual project) You are required to design and implement a restaurant billing management system with the following minimum requirements: 1.The management system should be implemented as a JavaFX GUIapplication using buttons, tables, listeners, etc. 2.A restaurant employee should be able to login to the restaurant management system using a username/password pair.3.The system should display a graphical representation of the tables with their numeric labels and approximate position within the restaurant. 4.Register a new order with minimal information such as table number, time of order, list of ordered items, total amount of order, special requests, comments, etc, by first clicking on the graphical representation of a table. 5.Clicking on the graphical representation of a table again allows editing its current order (add, modify, delete, etc). 6.Delete an exiting order. Your program should ask for confirmationbefore deleting an order. 7.Search the list of orders based on any of the stored fields, i.e., tablenumber, dates and times intervals, ordered food, etc. and produce alist of corresponding orders.

1/4 8.The restaurant manager has a special account that allows him/her manage employees accounts (add, delete accounts) and display their activities log. Edit menus, etc. 9.The restaurant manager has a special account that allows him/her to change the table placing / no. of table displaying on the program, as the restaurant may resigned/ redecorated from time to time10.The restaurant manager can also export a list of selected orders as acomma separated file or any other format. 11.The restaurant manager can also import a comma separated file (orthe format used for export) containing orders into the system. The new orders data will be appended to the existing ones already stored in the restaurant management system. Mark scheme In both options, you will be assessed clearly on the following, which must be shown in a useful context. Please note that all non-optional requirements must be implemented for a 70%: 8.All requested features implemented9.Has appropriate Java objects and demonstrates inheritance. 10.Makes use of Arrays, Arraylists or other Java.Util collections where appropriate.

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