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I need to develop an E-commerce website that selling electronics products such as laptops, mobiles, pc, ... It should be used PHP, Js, HTML, CSS and codeigniter framework+it should be easy to use and navigate, intuitive and consistent.+ The website should show categories and some products ( best sellers products, discounts products,... ) on home page.+ The website allow user to search the products based on variety of options such as: type, brands, storage capacity, storage type, screen size, ram, processor type, graphic card type, core type,price, customer rating. (If you can think of anything can you please add onto it?)+ Users can add the products to shopping carts, delete product inside the shopping cart, edits products (increase or reduce the quantity of that product)+ Users can see more detail about a specific product after click on it. (product button link to a single product page).- Large product images+ Users can write comments, reply to a comment, vote the products.+ Users can add/ remove products from wish list.+ Users should able to see real-time inventory.+ Users can create an account to the page. (require username, password, real name of the user, address, contact number,..)+ Users can also do fast checkout if they want.+ The website should allow users to pay by card and paypal payment- so it should provide security. + The users can see the orders status.+ The admin will able to see report about the shop (what item is bestselling, product left in stock, how many customers have visit page, income,+ The admin can manage the orders from customers (displaying the order, deleting the orders, change the order status like from processing to delivery)+ The admin can manage the products (add the products – this should let admin to input detail about that product as well like images, videos, brand, type- this will like how user search will be based on, edits the products, delete the products, choose the categories for the products)+ Admin can manage the categories ( display categories, creating categories, delete categories)+ Admin can manage comments ( reply to users comments, delete users comments,)
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