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The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys

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Added on  2020-02-19

The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys

   Added on 2020-02-19

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IT Network Designing 1IT Network Designing Student's Name: Instructor's Name:Date:
The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys_1
IT Network Designing 2Analyze the current operating systems installation issues of Hi-gradetoys facing withintheir network and propose a solution accordingly. The proposed system wishes to expand Hi-grade toys to facilitate 50-new computers. However,the organization is facing serious “performance” issues1. The current network is extremely slow.Existing employees are finding it difficult to install and maintain their operating system2. Withthe installation of 50 new computers in the network, things can become harder and slower3. Also, the installation and re-configuration of machines is a time-consuming process. If the basicnetwork functions at a very slow speed, it can be very difficult to install and configure themachines manually. This is why the installation and configuration of network operating systemsshould be automated. Manual installation and resource maintenance is a resource-consuming anda time-consuming task. Each of the current client computers consume a lot of bandwidth toaccomplish the process4. This is a major problem that has to be tackled before new client systemsare introduced into the network5. The present network has to be upgraded before the new client1Ousterhout, J.K., Cherenson, A.R., Douglis, F., Nelson, M.N. & Welch, B.B. (1988). The sprite network operating system. IEEE Computer 21(2) Hill, M. et al. (1986). Design decisions in SPUR. Computer, 19(10), 8-22.2Hill, M. et al. (1986). Design decisions in SPUR. Computer, 19(10), 8-22.3Leach, P (1983). The architecture of an integrated local network. IEEE Trans. Selected Areas in Comm., 842-8574Nelson, M., Welch, B., & Ousterhout, J. (1988). Caching in the Sprite Network File System. ACM Trans. Computer Syst.5Nelson, M. (1986). Virtual Memory for the Sprite Operating System. Retrieved from
The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys_2
IT Network Designing 3machines are installed. Also, the entire process has to be automated. This way, bandwidthconsumption can be regulated and the client machines can be used without any hassles.Proposed solution1.Identify the topologyInitially, the overall network topology has to be analyzed. The first step would be the place theserver computers in the network within the topology. Then, the network operating system has tobe installed. The installation of network operating systems doesn’t depend on the networkservers. But, the performance of network operating systems depends on the topology. That isbecause topology has a direct impact on the bandwidth. In return, the speed of installation andconfiguration are affected. Installation of operating system on all machines has to be done manually or directed from acentralized server. If Hi-Grade toys is prepared to choose a ring or star topology, the installationcan be initiated from a centralized hub. It is possible to install the operating system from anothercomputer’s shared drive. This server computer must be public and accessible across the network.A shred CD-ROM drive is sufficient to copy contents into the hard disk. Then, the hard disk hasto be shared across the machines. Of course, the server machine should have network access forthis strategy to work. If the server has a pre-installed network operating system, it can beaccessed across the network. If the server doesn’t have a pre-installed network operating system,it has to be booted from a CD-ROM or floppy. At all times, the server should have primitivenetwork support.
The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys_3
IT Network Designing 42.Shared solutionHi-Grade Toys can install the network operating system on several servers by copying thedistribution software to a shared hard disk location. The hard disks work faster than CD-ROMdrives. Even if Hi-Grade can afford a 10Mbps network, with hard disk accessibility, the networkoperating system installation would be faster. 3.Automate the installation scriptHi-Grade Toys can also use automated setups to kick start the entire process and streamlinetasks. Automated setups should be written in a single machine. This is setup script that takes careof the installation program. With a working script, the installation would be completelyautomated. It doesn’t require any manual help. In fact, the automated script can be executed froma different location. This method makes sense only because Hi-Grade wants to install andconfigure its network operating system in 50 new machines, while improving the performance of50-existing machines. With automation, Hi-Grade can rely on “Remote Installation Services”.This is a quick way of installing network operating systems without using a server computer.Since the company wishes to install the operating system in client machines, Remote InstallationServices alias (RIS) is a smart choice. On the basis of the solution proposed in task 1, recommend different scenarios for theinstallation of OS.Hi-Grade Toys will need to install a network operating system in four different scenarios.
The Current Operating Systems Installation Issues of Hi-gradetoys_4

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