The Different Forms of Frame of Reference

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Running head: THE ROLE OF GENDERThe Role of GenderName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1THE ROLE OF GENDERGender Mainstreaming Definitions and Principles ForumThe gender mainstreaming involves at least two of the different forms of frame of referencing, ofwhich one is the stance for the gender equality and the other part is the mainstream of gender.Therefore, it is evident that mainstreaming of gender is inevitable and it is very essential for thecontested form of process. Despite all the intrinsic form of the conflicts, there are usual forms of moves within themainstreaming of gender that generally focus on those areas where there might be any form ofcommonality with the mainstream. The practices within the gender mainstreaming are one of thepoints that can overlap the agendas for the equality of the gender and recognising all thedifferences in the overall forms agendas that are seeking for prioritising the areas of thecommonalities as it is a step towards the right form of the direction. In the policy practices for the duality that exists between the equality of the gender and themainstreaming it can sometimes happen that while expressing it as holding of the two forms ofthe aims in a simultaneous manner. Firstly, the promotion of the equity of the gender and thejustice of gender acts as an end to its own rights. Secondly, the making the policies that arecomes under the mainstream in their own terms for the inclusion of the analysis of the gender.One of the core feature that can be included in the definition of gender mainstreaming is thenormal practice of making visible the way of the relation of the gender that re been significant inthe institutional form of practice that has been seen as the irrelevant in order to facilitate theimplementation of the strategy for both the equality of the gender and the improvement of thepolicies that re mainline.

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