Password Protected Lock System Designed using Microcontroller : Project

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Career Episode 2
CE 2.1 Project Information
Name of the project: Password Protected Lock System Designed using Microcontroller
Location of the project: [PLEASE FILL]
Project Duration: [PLEASE FILL]
Organization: [PLEASE FILL]
Role and Designation during the time: [PLEASE FILL]
CE 2.2 Project Background
CE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the project
The system I had designed for this project was the implementation of a security measure
named Password protected Lock System with the help of microcontroller. This has been
designed to bar unauthorized access in homes, offices and large companies. This could also be
coupled up with an attendance system and a time logger which could be used in an office
premises. The door would only open to the person who has the correct pin. After the person has
entered the door will automatically close and the next person has to again input the pin to gain
access. If incorrect pin is given the door will not open to the person. This has been designed
keeping in mind the factor that many a times people often forget their keys at home or drop them
at some place. The project would have a door latch opening mechanism using the authentication
through the password entered through the keypad. The additional buzzer used in the device
would sound when the password is entered incorrectly.
CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the project
The main objectives that was followed during the implementation of this project are as
To implement a digital lock mechanism for doors with a keypad and a LCD display.
To make the digital lock secure and user friendly in nature.
To make the digital lock in such a way so that the locking system can have different pin id
for different individual of the organisation.
CE 2.2.3 My area of work
I had implemented the project on my own to learn more about the implementation of the
microcontrollers and also use a 4X3 keypad for providing user access. The full working model of
the project was completed by me which helped me to learn more about the working procedure of
the different segments of the project.

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