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Surname PM Application Systems in Project Monitoring and ManagementPM Application Systems in Project Monitoring and ManagementStudent’s nameCourseUniversityDate1
Surname PM Application Systems in Project Monitoring and ManagementPM Application Systems in Project Monitoring and ManagementThe PM application systems seem to be critical in enhancing the work of project managers in monitoring performance and managing changes within the project. Given the current complexity in projects, project managers should possess PM skills based on the methods and tools to help the project management and planning (SEBoK 2017). Systems engineering applications form the basis of this reflection because many engineers use these applications to transform the world. The researchable question relating to this reflection is how systems engineering is used in the real world. Systems engineering is a unique interdisciplinary approach that ensures systems operate successfully. It involves operational sustainability, development of the solution, and formulating problems. The systems engineering has economic value because of its collaborative approach to other specialists, management, and engineering disciplines. Studies have demonstrated that systems engineering are used to enterprise and service systems (SEBoK 2017). Consequently, the systems engineers require relevant competencies to manage and monitor projects at all organizational levels. Monitoring performance is also important for managing projects. It involves keeping an eye on the activities and operations of the project team. The systems engineering and management are critical in formulating standard life cycle, practices, and processes. Importantly, the foundations and knowledge of the system define the systems engineering. Based on SEBoK, the systems engineering applications can help in creating life cycle management of systems (SEBoK 2016). It entails a system of systems, enterprise systems, service systems, and product systems thus facilitate the change management. Without a doubt, the way the project manager handles change depends on the circumstances. For instance, with technology and efficiency taking the central point in project management, engineering systems have become relevant. The project manager must serve the interests of 2

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