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The purpose of the one page is to be sent to the professor to

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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1-The purpose of the one page is to be sent to the professor to get hisapproval to start writing a paper “10 pages paper”. For now, just onepage.2-The paper talks about “The vehicular ad-hoc network”. Please comeup with interesting topic. I need in one page a summary of the paper asthe slide shows “NOTE, the slide shows as an example with differenttopic. I need to follow as the slide says.3-I need a list of 8-10 articles to be used in the paper. Two of themmust be those in bellow. USE “APA” Style.-Hasrouny, H., Samhat, A. E., Bassil, C., & Laouiti, A. (2017). VANet securitychallenges and solutions: A survey.Vehicular Communications.-Al-Sultan, S., Al-Doori, M. M., Al-Bayatti, A. H., & Zedan, H. (2014). Acomprehensive survey on vehicular ad hoc network.Journal of network andcomputer applications,37, 380-392.
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