Intrinsic Motivation in Higher Education


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The study partly has supported our hypothesis, the results showed intrinsic motivation has an positive effect on engagement amongst higher education students. Our study also predicted that extrinsic motivation is unrelated and amotivation is negatively related to engagement, our results showed that amotivation was a stronger predictor compared to extrinsic motivation.The self-determination theory of Deci and Ryan (1991) refers amotivation as a pessimistic impact of motivation. People who have reported high levels of amotivation tend to have behaviours that are unregulated and unintentional. These behaviours occurs from different feelings such as not being able to accomplish an activity successful, also they are not expecting and yield a desired outcome or not valuing a activity (Ryan, 2000).Baker (2004) has studied that the influence of motivation alignment on different aspects this include stress, psychological ill health and performance in second year university students. This study also predicted that only intrinsic motivation predict lower stress, while amotivation predicted high levels of stress meaning that students had poor modifications to the university task and lastly extrinsic motivation showed that there is no relationship to any outcomes. The hypothesis of the our study has been supported to this previous research of Baker (2004).Bailey and Phillips. (2015) suggested that students who lacks motivation tend to struggle meeting the social and emotional challenges at university. Although some researchers has implied that amotivation may be accountable students with mental health, the study suggests that poor mental health may be an ineffective assimilation and adjustment to the emotional and social aspects of engaging at university.
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