The tasks which should be addressed should include the

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The tasks which should be addressed should include the following; 1.A detailed Project Charter 2.Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the proposed activities,3.Gantt Chart showing the proposed programme of works4.Risk register covering ALL aspects of the project Project outline;You have recently been appointed the Business Process Improvement Manager in an Organisation that processes high volumes of paper application forms for a mobile phone operator. There are currently 5,000 forms per month being processed. Each form is for a new user to get set up on the billing system. There is a team of six people processing forms that come in. The information from each form is manually typed into a spreadsheet and then each direct debit section of the form is cut off and placed into envelopes for processing by the banks. The team you are in charge of have been receiving a lot of complaints from the mobile phone operator and the banks, as there have been a lot of errors reported to them by customers. The team members have explained that the forms are hand written and the hand writing is sometimes very hard to decipher. Your director has asked you to address the issue, look at IT solutions and present a project plan to address the issue. The director has pointed out that the new strategy for the company is to be paperless in 12 months. The director wants you to move three of your staff into a new division within six months for a new multinational client.Activities relating to this project should include the following key activities;1.Review of existing systemsa.Document existing systemb.Identify processes for improvement2.Production of tender document for new systema.Design a specb.Tender process agreed with Director and Organisationc.Tender review3.Traininga.Existing training gapsb.New system training

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