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The Virtual Case File (VCF)

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Added on  2020-02-24

The Virtual Case File (VCF)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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The Virtual Case File (VCF)_1
VIRTUAL CASE FILE ANALYSISAs mentioned before, the Virtual Case File (VCF) was abandoned in the year 2005 after functioning for only 5 years. The FBI organization thought that software would be one of the best software that would ever exist but it came to prove everybody wrong after lasting for a very short while. This analysis will discuss the reasons as to why the VCF failed.Lack of Information Technology ManagementInformation technology management is basically the process of organizing, distributing, controlling and directing all resources related to information technology. This is whereby a business takes control of all resources related to IT and directs them towards its needs, objectivesand goals. Some of the resources include: software systems, data, employees, customers, networking hardware and computer. In the case of VCF, the FBI failed to manage their information technology effectively(Alfonsi, 2005). The organization did not have any updated ormodernized software systems, networking hardware and electronic materials that were suitable for the VCF characteristics. In addition to that, its software development procedures and requirements were slow and adamant. Therefore, the organization did not have enough time to restructure their technological infrastructure to fit that of VCF. Because of this, the organization’s information technology systems and features were not compatible with those of the VCF which led to failure of the VCF.Lack of Technical ExpertiseFor a business to succeed, it must have qualified, experienced and enough employees. The FBI had neither enough nor qualified or experienced employees to work with the VCF. Even after theintroduction of the VCF, the organization failed to train its employees to prepare them for VCF. Instead, it continued to work with its then employees who had little knowledge about the software’s application. Additionally, the organization did not increase its employees even with the addition of a different software which led to the increase in responsibility. Due to this, the VCF failed since there were no enough nor skilled employees to work on it.
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