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INTRODUCTIONCommunication is an important activity in health and social care industry as it helpemployer in connecting with he external users. This project is all about applying various theoriesof communication and its impact on the aims and targets of the institution. This is also stresseson applying effective monitoring systems to keep track on current communication process inhospitals and social care home. Final part of the report emphasises on utilising varioustechnologies and use of various technical devices in accomplishing desired aims and targets of anentity.TASK 1 ENCLOSED IN PPTTASK 22.1 Explain how communication process is influenced by values and cultural factorsCross-Cultural communication is takes place among sender and receiver of differentbackground and culture share their views and opinions in order to accomplish the commoninterest of business is to satisfy various clients (Maiga and Nilsson, 2015). Humans at theworkplace created the word culture in which comfortable working environment is created byhuman being which ca give shape to their overall views and opinions with the passage of time.This cultural communication is followed from one generation to another generation from parentsto their child, teachers to their students, religious leaders to their followers.The building of culture involves uses of common language, facial expressions, bodylanguage, dress code, comfortable environment (Patino, Pitta and Quinones, 2012). The culturecan be positive as well as negative depends on the people created the environment. The successof the business environment based on the skills and the capabilities of an individual with thepassage of time they spend in the environment with internal as well as external parties. Thecultural values of a particular lace affects the communication process to be completed within agiven time frame. It includes various factors such as natural environment which involves climaticconditions. The climate of London is different from the climate of Cadillac which directlyaffected on the health of an individual. Heavy temperature in summer is not fruitful for all thosepeople who lives in Switzerland who are currently living in the polar regions (Subramanian ed.,2013). Climatic information about a city conveys important information that an individual will

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