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INTRODUCTIONThis present report will discuss about the theory of planned behaviour which helps topredict individual intention to engage people in the organisation. Theory of planned behaviour Planned theory of behaviour is also known as theory of Reasoned action in 1980. Itdepends on the behaviour of people and self controlling power to control some specific situationand condition (Coghill, 2015). It defines behaviour influenced by many factors such asbehavioural intent, behavioural intentions, attitudes and individual nature. This theory helps tochange the behaviour of people. This theory is similar as the theory of Reasoned Action given byAjzen Fishbein in 1975. Generally, this theory of planned behaviour under taken three kinds ofconsideration. Such as Behavioural Beliefs, Normative Beliefs and Control Beliefs. Behaviouralbeliefs consider the favourable and unfavourable attitude of the people towards the differentsituations (Gross, 2015. Besides, normative beliefs consider social pressure or subjective norms.Adding to that and control beliefs defines the behavioural relation. The theory states thebehavioural of people towards another people and situations. In behavioural beliefs may givepositive and negative outcomes. In which people think that what will be the possible outcomesmay arise good or bad, what benefits of this decision making process would be. Besides, innormative beliefs people think that what other people think about me, overall normative beliefsgive social pressure in which people behaviour may be like what do other people think aboutmyself?. How do they expect me to behave? Overall, control beliefs consider people andcontrolling power like do I have enough power to break this record? Am I confident in myabilities or not?. These all aspects are covers in planned theory, in which various human changesand nature of behaviours has been explained (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2016). This theory shouldused in the place to enhance individual behaviour that may be not acceptable in the society suchas smoking sessions, self check-up, voluntary testing, medication adherence. It is very important forb the people who adapt to change human behaviour that theyshould adopt positive nature towards the all forms of behaviour to get positive results. Alongwith that person should have full of confidence and positive attitude towards the people so thatthey easily change the negative aspects of people and make them good person (Michie, Atkinsand West, 2014). There must be full understanding between the people to get positive results andmaintain healthy environment. This planned behaviour helps people to make new connection and1
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