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Analyzing the Marketing Perspective

Added on -2019-09-24

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Think about some consumer products you are interested in learning more about and analyzing from a marketing perspective. Choose one of these consumer products, ensuring it is from a well-established organization that has direct competitors. This many not be an organization for which you currently work.Contact your Open Learning Faculty Member by email and briefly explain:A.The reasons why you would like to use this consumer product and organizationB.The product market on which you want to focusC.The information sources available on which to base your analysisYour Open Learning Faculty Member must approve these choices so that multiple learners are not working on the same consumer product, organization, and product market, and so that she or he is confident that you will be able to successfully complete the Marketing Plan.Suggested Time:15 to 20 hoursLength:12 to 15 pages (6000 to 7500 words) not including the AppendicesMarketing PlanExecutive SummaryA.Identify the key marketing decision(s) that need to be made or issues(s) that need to be addressed for the consumer product.B.Name your target market audience and summarize the rationale for your choice.C.Summarize your positioning and marketing mix recommendation and your rationale for each.D.Sum up your overall recommendation(s) and the expected outcome of implementing your Marketing Plan.Part 1: Current Situation (10 marks)A.SWOT Analysis (5 points)Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the consumer product and its organization considering both the internal and external environments and include a marketing mix implication for each factor.Include the detailed SWOT Analysis as an Appendix to the Marketing Plan.B.Five Most Important SWOT Factors (5 points)Identify what you believe are the 5 most important factors in the SWOT Analysis.Explain why you think each of these 5 factors is particularly important to understand from a marketing perspective.

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