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Enterprise Software Development Team: Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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This is an individual piece of work. The QuestionDo agile development frameworks provide the necessary tools to develop large, complex enterprise systems made up of multiple views, cultures and competing requirements?IntroductionAn enterprise software development team requires a range of skills to write the code, carry out analysis, understand the business context, and work with clients and end users. The team will need to deal with different views of the development from a number of perspectives, use tools to help understand the requirements, and develop and manage a coherent project plan. The different views and components of the development requires management so that there is clear picture of what hasbeen agreed and to provide understandable documentation of the development process which is not unnecessarily cumbersome. Most agile software development frameworks address these issues by providing the development team with tools that focus on the rapid development of high quality software in collaboration with the client, at the same time as providing sufficient documentation to record the process effectively. Some frameworks (such as SCRUM) are focus on the needs of the software developers whilst others (such as DSDM) focus on understanding the needs from a business perspective. Nonetheless, they offer a range of tools to help the developer understand the information needs of users of systems. One of the complexities of large enterprise system development projects is that the developer will find multiple views of what the system is, a wide variety of people involved in using and developing the systems (the system user, the manager, the developer, and so on), and different cultures and ways of thinking and working. Overview of what you need to doFor this coursework, you should write an essay (approximately 5000 words) which answers the main question above.You will need to investigate how such a development framework (for example, SCRUM or DSDM) supports the developer to understand the complexities of software development and how the framework deals with multiple views. Specifically, you should consider the extent to which the framework:(a)gives understanding and helps to manage complex software development projects(b)identifies how competing views are captured using tools within the framework (c)supports the developer to prioritise requirements and make appropriate design choices(d)take account of user values(e)allows the developer to build up the trust of the users in the development process and the final product(f)helps to the developer to record user values(g)manages the development process so that the system is delivered on time
You should draw conclusions based upon your research, application and evaluation of the chosen tools as to their suitability for carrying out effective requirements analysis for large complex environments.Case study Attached is a case study based upon a real life situation. It is deliberately complex and contains a lot of information, some of which will be useful, some less so. It incorporates a need for a new system, but there is a range of different and competing views from the various people involved. The case study has been provided so that you can give clear examples of how effective agile development frameworks are in developing complex enterprise systems. Read the case study carefully and then carry out the necessary research to complete your essay. You should make full use of the case study as a resource tool to provide examples and demonstrate your understanding of these issues, strengths and weaknesses of the frameworks. Checklist of ActivitiesTo complete this coursework you will need to do the following:1.Read the attached case study carefully2.Identify and research an appropriate software development framework (such as DSDM or SCRUM) to find out:a.what tools are available within the framework b.How it help the developer to gather requirements from competing sourcesc.Whether it allows the developer to prioritise the requirements d.How it helps the developer to manage time and effort3.Research what is meant by “culture”, “user values” and “user trust” in the context of answering the question4.Identify from the case study:a.Who are the users of the system?b.Examples of competing cultures?c.Evidence of different personal values and issues of “trust” or lack of it?5.Using examples from the case study, apply and evaluate the tools you have chosen from the development framework, particularly from the perspective of the developer6.Write the essay!Deliverables An individual essay of approximately 5000 words which is well structured, uses examples from the case study, and is properly referenced to a given standard. The StructureTo help you write your essay, you might consider the following questions and structure:i.Which development framework has you chosen and why?ii.What tools are available in the framework and why are they important?iii.Do these tools allow the developer to gather and prioritise requirements within a complex environment? iv.How does the framework, if at all, capture the issues of “culture”, “user values” and “user trust”, and does this impact upon the success of the development?v.In what way will the framework provide tools to deliver software in a timely way?vi.What conclusions can you draw from your study?
Formative FeedbackDuring the course of your assessment there will be an opportunity for you to obtain verbal formativefeedback from your tutor on your progress which may include the key themes of your discussion. The date of this will be advised by your tutor. Important information for you to consider1.The case study contains a lot of data and identifies a number of different organisational cultures and individual points of view. These include elements of personal values and issues of trust. You should examine this information carefully to work out what is important and what is not. 2.This coursework is testing your ability to research and critically evaluate a set of tools from a software development framework, examine the importance of culture, user values and user trust as they are applied to information systems development, and drawconclusions about the development process. 3.It is your views and experiences that are important and these should make up the bulk of your essay. Although you may use some reference material to emphasise a point, referenced material should not make up more than 10% of the essay. Any material used from other sources should be properly referenced using Harvard referencing standard.
Grading CriteriaAselect an appropriate framework and clearly justify your choice;show a thorough understanding of the issues relating to the impact of culture on the success or failure of a systems development;critically analyse the tools found in software development framework;critically appraise the importance of user values and user trust in the development process;evaluate clearly the tools chosen ;draw conclusions clearly based upon your analysis and evaluationdemonstrate a wide reading of the subject area;bring original thought to the argument in a well structured, properly referenced essay.BSelect an appropriate framework with justification for choice;show good understanding of the issues relating to the impact of culture on the success orfailure of a systems development;show critical understanding of the tools found in software development framework:show understanding of the importance of user values and user trust in the development process;Draw appropriate conclusions based upon your workdemonstrate some reading of the subject area;produce a well structured, essay with evidence of original thought.Cyou would be expected to show some understanding of the issues relating to the impact of culture on the success or failure of a systems development;give reasonable assessment of the tools found in software development framework;identify examples of why user values and user trust are important;draw some conclusions based upon your analysis of tools;demonstrate some reading of the subject area;Produce a well structured, referenced essay based on the reading and understanding of the case study.DYou would be expected to show understanding of at least two different issues relating to the impact of culture on the success or failure of a systems development;Show understanding of some uses of software development framework tools;Talk about the role of user values and user trust;Give outline conclusions from your analysis of tools;produce a structured referenced essay based upon understanding of the case study.

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