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2Title of PaperTriple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with yourintroduction. Often the most important paragraph in the entire essay, the introduction grabs thereader's attention—sometimes a difficult task for academic writing. When writing anintroduction, some approaches are best avoided. Avoid starting sentences with “The purpose ofthis essay is . . .” or “In this essay I will . . .” or any similar flat announcement of your intentionor topic.Read more: Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>EssayDevelopment>Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays.Level One HeadingReplace the level one heading with the words for your heading. The heading must be inbold font. Headings help your audience track the sub-topics discussed in the body of the essay orreport. Begin a new heading for each sub-topic.Be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph between five and seven spaces bypressing theTabkey one time on the keyboard. In addition, remember to double space the entirepaper using the double space functionality in Word. This template is already formatted fordouble spacing. Read more: Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>SoftwareTutorials and Guides>Formatting Tutorial for APA.In addition, keep in mind an academic essay should contain at least five paragraphs,which includes the introduction (introductory paragraph), the body (which is generally at least 3paragraphs), and the conclusion (generally one paragraph). Most well-developed paragraphscontain at least 3-5 sentences, one of which is the topic sentence. Limit each body paragraph toone main idea.
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