Topic: Identify a health condition with public concerns in

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Topic: Identify a health condition with public concerns in manhattan new york areausing web-based data such as HealthPeople2020 website (, theCenter for Disease Control and Prevention website ( and New York StateDepartment of Health the New York State Department of Health website( and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygienewebsite ( this report,(1) Present database search results: discuss the databases you searched, discuss the databases thatwere most helpful and why, discuss databases that were least helpful and why(2) Identify main issue and your rationale: What was the health concern you choose and why?What city, neighborhood, town, village and why?(3) Navigate health information from a patient's perspective. At this point pretend you were apatient with the health condition you are investigating; possibly living in the area where you areinvestigating, would the average patient find the databases helpful? What might be another gooddatabase or resource for a patient to get information on that health issue and why?(4) Social determinants: what social factors may contribute to that health condition in the areayou search, provide evidence to back this up.(5) Select appropriate outcome measures/ or health indicators for evaluation: discuss how youwould go about finding a solution to the health problem in the geographic area that you choose;How would a doctor or pharmacist help a patient with that condition in that geography location?
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