Kind of Tour Operators : Assignment

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Tour operator is a corporation and person that take the responsibility of holiday of travellers. They arrange various facilities and arrangement from the starting of travelling till the end of destination including food, accommodation service of tourist etc. In order to satisfy travellers, they have to follow current trends, guild lines, numbers of popularity etc. and organise arrangement accordingly. There are several kinds of tour operators which are discussed as follows-Inbound Tour operator- These are also known as international tour operators because they arrangetravel for non resident person travelling to other country.Outbound tour operator- This kind of tour operator designs planning to travel in another country and arrange tour for resident living country. They depend upon the choice and needs of passengers.Domestic tour operator- This kind of tour operator aids in promoting the beauty, culture and diversity of country and develops tour packages on the basis of customer's choice and interest. They organise tours for resident living in the same country and also travelling within own country.Ground operator- This kind of tour operator provides land arrangements at specific destinations and it helps in delivering the service to big tour operator who have not local office at destination place.In the recent and current trend, there are several factors that affect the business of Trailfinders in the UK. Due to the recent changes, activities and function of Trailfinders regarding tour have been affected. The significant effect of current and recent changes and development in Trailfinders are discussed as follows-Flexible booking option- Due to advance technology, various tour operator companies facilitate its customers to book their travelling tickets by internet and online. Customers can easily book their tickets by online mode through which they can easily save their time. They do not need to go to physical store for booking their tickets. It is not just easier but also relatively cheaper and quicker.

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