Tourism Industry in Australia Assignment

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Running Head: TOURISM INDUSTRY IN AUSTRALIATourism Industry in AustraliaName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1TOURISM INDUSTRY IN AUSTRALIAOne of the chief modules of the Australian economy is the Australian Tourism. Thefinancial year of 2014-15 showed 3 percent involvement of Australian tourism in the countries’GDP. An amount of A$47.5 billion has been contributed towards the economy of Australia.Domestic tourism plays a most important part and contributes 73 percent of the total contributionof the tourism industry towards the GDP. Australia has always been a tourist attraction becauseof the diversified landscape of the country. The country includes a coastal region, desert,Tasmanian rain forest, mountains and the most important attraction, the Great Barrier Reef. Withless population density, the country has always been able to maintain a neat, clean, andbeautified environment. The tourist department of the country has been taking several initiativesto draw more and more tourists. Thus, it is one of the emerging industries of the country. A largepart of the tourism industries contribution towards the GDP was due to the influence of theforeign tourists. This demand has increased to a huge level in the previous 20 years. Of thevarious types of holiday plans, the plans worth mentioning are sunbathing in the golden beach,surfing and beach enjoyments. The rates of visit to the tourist sites should be increased graduallywith the increase in the number of tourists. The main aim of this essay is to understand the majorareas of opportunities for tourism and to study the plans that can be applied to make the countrythe leading tourist spot of the world. The major natures of business enhancing the tourismindustry includes travel agency, tourist group operators. Here, discussion will be provided ontravel agencies and its functions. Travel agency is generally a private service provider or retailer or a public serviceorganization. The main work of this organization is to provide service and facilities related totourism to the domestic or international tourists. They provide the tourists with these services onbehalf of the airlines, car rentals, cruise lines and railways mostly. Facilities such as travel

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