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Travel and tourism sector (Structure of travel and tourism

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Added on  2023-03-24

Travel and tourism sector (Structure of travel and tourism

   Added on 2023-03-24

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Travel and tourism sector
(Structure of travel and tourism sector)
Tourism is one’s one of the largest growing industry in
world. It is also considered as major source of foreign
exchange earnings and employment opportunities for
many developing countries.
This sector has been broken into several sectors. The
structure of travel and tourism sector generally
comprises with six components which are tourist
attraction, accommodations, tour operators, travel agent,
transportation and food shipping. As government of
country had framed many rules and regulations which
are supporting to tourism companies to provide
convenient services to people. Below mentions diagram
is showing structure of travel and tourism sector where
tour operators are providing services in different areas.
Travel planning The companies are providing
services according to needs of people with the help of
agencies, tour operators or agents. As these operators are
providing valuable information to people regarding
holiday packages, amenities which will be provided to
them at destination place and many more. They are
considered as mediator between organisation and
Tour operators – These are related with the tourism
company, these are connected with big tour operator’s
companies and works for them to provide facilities
and services to their customers.
Car rentals: These are small level companies
working on small level in each and every country to
provide cab services to the tourists to travel to
tourist’s sites.
Transportation It is main element which is
considered in this sector. As there are many customers
who are travelling from different transportation
facilities such as; airports, roads etc. TUI is providing
proper transport facilities to visitors regarding
transportation so that they will not face any issues
while traveling.
Accommodations – The services regarding hotels,
lodge, restaurant and many more. TUI is providing
these services with high qualities in order to meet out
with the demands of customers. It may also include
food and shopping services which includes many food
centres, shopping malls etc. Sometimes these
companies are also providing these services along
with their tour packages in order to keep their
customers happy.
Tourist sites and attraction – The destination place
can be natural or are of man-made. Several customers
are there so their choice is also different from each
other. Thus, according to that destination sites are
provided to customers to enjoy their trip. Many places
are there where customers can visit such as London
eye, Tower of London and many more.
Travel and tourism sector (Structure of travel and tourism_1

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