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Types of Business Writing - PDF

Added on - 31 May 2021

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1BUSINESS WRITINGThe term ‘business writing’ refers to the purposeful style of writing that carries the aim toexplore and bring out the response of a business. This style of writing helps to provide authenticand relevant information to the readers. Besides being grammatically correct, the businesswritings should always be direct, precise and clear. There are many forms that the businesswritings collect the memorandums or the memos, emails, proposals and letters. The social mediasuch as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like also fall under the category of businesswriting. The following paragraphs deals with the need of business writing and the key principlesof writing.In the business world, each of the company or offices has variations in documents withtheir personalized templates and focus. Different forms of business writings are adopted by thecompanies in different scenarios which can broadly be subdivided into four main categories.These are as follows;Instructional Business WritingThis type of business writings provide the reader the information required in order tocomplete the task. The task might be required for immediate purpose or as a future reference.This type of writings breaks down a process into different steps that are easy to understand for areader.Some of the examples of this type of writing are:User manual:a booklet that guides the customers regarding the use of a product. These areoften considered as a part of the technical writing.Specifications:it is a technical script that aims to provide an overview of the products and theprocesses so that the product can be constructed and reconstructed by an unaccustomed yetknowledgeable user or customer.
2BUSINESS WRITINGMemo:it is a short notification of any new information that has to be shared with a large groupin the organization or business. The memo provides either a direct instruction or acts as areference to the future tasks.Informational Business writingAll the writings in the business do not require taking actions, some of them are created inorder to keep record or for the purpose of referencing in the future. Essential but less fascinatingdocuments are included in this group. It is necessary to record the information related to thebusiness accurately as it helps in the progress, prediction of the working of the organization inthe future and to satisfy the legal and constitutional bonds. Some of the examples of this type ofwriting include:Report:it is the most common form and is produced in huge quantities. Every business dependson the report in order to act, communicate the business, recording the incidences and to finalizethe projects and the recommendations.Financials:these documents state the financial positions of a company of a definite span of time.Minutes:it is the summary of the meeting s held within and outside the company.Persuasive Business WritingThe persuasive writings are basically based on the sales and direct specifying on aparticular product and to develop the relationship of the company with its customers. There is atwo-fold goal in this type of document. Firstly, it conveys information and convinces the readerthat the information provided is of the best quality and genuine. The documents are prepared insuch a way so that the readers are impressed by it and change their decisions regarding thecompany or the organization. Proposals, emails addressing sales and press release are theexamples of this type of writing.
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