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Understanding and Leading a Change

Added on - 08 Dec 2020

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Proper communication: One of the easiest techniques to overcome resistance to change is to communicate theemployee who resist it. In many cases, employee do not properly understand the change and hence become afraid ofits consequences and resist change. However, it can be said that it can be difficult for leaders or manager tocommunicate to the employees as they lose their morale as they can be angry of not being part of the discussion aboutthe change.Support the employees:Unless there's a strategic communication plan for effecting change throughout theorganization, and employees are provided the information they need to understand change, the employees can sufferfrom low morale. Support may be facilitative and emotional. Managers sometimes deal with potential resistance bybeing supportive. This includes listening, providing emotional support, providing training in new skills etc. However,providing training will increase the cost for the company and will also be time consuming.Change is costly: Change is important and will assist the business operations and activities to be efficient in order tobe more profitable. However, it can also be said that the employee will low morale will not give productive outcomeswhich affects the company's performance. Along with this, changing the business operations will required cost whichwill create financial burden on company.CONCLUSIONBy summing up the above report it can be concluded that a continuous change in business operations andstrategy is important to compete in the competitive business world. The report will concluded the different impact ofchange that are faced by Subway and Burger King Restaurant’s operations and strategy. It can also be concluded thatthe internal and external factors of change are prominent that affects the organisational behaviour.REFERENCESBenn, S., Edwards, M. and Williams, T., 2014.Organizational change for corporate sustainability. Routledge.Bryson, J. M., 2018.Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening andsustaining organizational achievement. John Wiley & Sons.Doppelt, B., 2017.Leading change toward sustainability: A change-management guide for business, government andcivil society. Routledge.Internal factors:Theinternal environmentis affected by the organization's managementpolicies and styles, systems, and procedures, as well as employee attitudes. The internalbusiness environment comprises of factors within the company boundaries which impactthe success and business operations.Unlike the external environment, the company cancontrol over these factors. It is essential to understand the important opportunities.However, managing the strengths of internal operations can leads to achieve the businessobjectives and goals.The role of company leadership is an essential internal factor. The leadershipstyle and other management style impact organizational culture. Often, firms provide aformal structure with its mission and vision statements. It can be said that change in theexisting management structure is also an important because of any mistake or deficiency.Management structure is also important as there can be lack of coordination in differentdepartments, barriers in business communication. It is important for leaders to effectivelymanage the employees change occurs.P3. Evaluating the measures that can be taken to minimize the negative impact of changein organizational behavior.Change in organisation is very essential but people handle it in different ways.Change in organisation is almost always difficult for employees. Because change is ever-present and its negative effects cannot be avoided, many organizations continually focuson change management as the path toward convincing their employees that while changeis inevitable, it is good. Resistance to change is perhaps one of the important problems amanager encounters because it can take many shapes. Change thus results in resistancequite frequently, negative reactions doom the success of the change program especiallywhen a manager is unable to handle it properly. Some of the techniques or measures toSubway has adopted the digital transformation in order toprovide more convenience, personalisation, and optionsthrough accessing the digital methods. Like introducingNFC technology which enables company to be mobilewallet ready, company launched a Facebook messenger botthat assist the customers in order and pay for the product viasocial media. It can be said that Subway has adoptedAAKAR model which facilitates the changes in company.Whereas, Burger king restaurant partly relies ontechnologies, the changes of the micro-environment of thefirm affects the operations of the Burger King. The companyshould adopt the various automation in technologies in orderto improve its operational efficiency. Also, the company hasto change its business operations to adapt these technologyin order to improve the operational efficiency. The change incustomer diversity and their taste affects the operations ofthe company. The business activities as higher healthconsciousness threatens demands of Burger King Product.P2. Evaluating different ways of internal and external drivers ofchange that are affecting leadership, team and individualbehavior.Organisational change can be defines as the process inwhich a company changes its structure, operational strategies andmethods, adopting new technologies or its culture. Organisationalchange is the important characteristics that must developadaptability to change in order to stay competitive in the businessworld. Change is the constant and all business should cope up theirbusiness strategies and operations in order to accept the businessenvironment changes. There some internal and external pressures orfactors that helps in shaping and creating changes in organisation.These pressures or factors are commonly known as drivers ofchange in organisation. These drivers leads to organisationalactivities and operations which affects the leadership, team andemployee behaviour in organisation. The internal and externaldrivers of change in organisation are:Drivers oforganizationalchangeInternalExternalExternal factors:The external environment are those factors that occur outside of thecompany that cause change inside organizations and are, for themost part, beyond the control of the company. Customers,competition, the economy, technology, political and socialconditions, and resources are common external factors thatinfluence the organization. Even though the external environmentoccurs outside of an organization, it can have a significantinfluence on its current operations, growth, and long-termsustainability. Ignoring external forces can be a detrimental mistakefor managers to make. As such, it is imperative that managerscontinually monitor and adapt to the external environment, workingto make proactive changes earlier, which can lead to a vastlydifferent outcome.These external factors affects the leadership in organisation, asleaders has to make new plan and strategies to successfully adoptthe change in organisation. For example if company is going theadapt the technological advancement in its operational processwhich will help in increasing the efficiency of the businessoperations. But this change can increase the resistance of employeeas they may not be ready to adopt the change, it may affect theirregular working activities. Leaders should ensure that allemployees understand the need and reason for the change. Fullyaddress concerns to avoid problems. Identify work pattern changesthat may cause employee confusion and disorientation. Educate andtrain employees on new systems and ensure they feel comfortableand can perform wellP1. Comparing different organizational with the impact of change onorganizational strategy and operations.In today's competitive business world, an organisation has tocope with the changes occur in the industry. Adapting these changes willhelp an organisation to remain competitive in the industry. However,adapting a change will leads to affect its strategies and operations. Thesechange is essential in order to adjust company's operations in order to adjustit according to the new market trend or any new technological advancementin industry. There many factors of changes in business environment thatimpact the changes in internal environment of business operations and itsstrategy.Most of the organisation are facing dynamic changing inbusiness environment. Organisational change can be referred as antalteration that take place in the business activity. The companies that learnsto deal and manage these change in organisation will thrive and flourishedin comparison to another companies that are fails to manage such changes.The main external factors of business environment that leads to change inbusiness operations ad its strategy.Taking an example of two food retail outlet Subway and BurgerKing which operates in international level. With the fast pacechange in business environment of fast-food restaurant, both thecompanies are facing changes in their internal organisationaloperations and their strategy. The main factors of changes inbusiness environment in such fast-food franchises are, customers,technology, social changes etc. These changes affects the businessactivities and strategies of management.The factors of changes that changes in business environment are:Technological change:With the change in time, technologicaladvancement in the changing continuously in business environment.All organisation irrespective of their operations are adapting thechange to cop[e up with the changes. These technological changesare impact the day today operation of Subway and Burger King asthey needs to be responsive to adapt the advances in technologies.INTRODUCTIONUnderstanding and leading a change inorganization is prominent to take successfully adoptingany change in business activities and its operations.Change in inevitable, it is essential for the company tokeep changing its business activities in order to remaincompetitive. The present report will help in understandingthe impact of change in business organization. Report willexplain and compare the impact of change on the businessoperations and strategy of Subway and Burger KingRestaurants. The discussion will be done to evaluate theimpact of internal and external drivers of change onorganizational behavior.UNDERSTANDING AND LEADING CHANGE
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