Understanding health and social care : Assignment

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1.1 Legislation related to health and safety in a social care settingThere are legislations related to health and safety in a social care setting, among which feware Manual handling regulation 1992, Health and safety at work act 1974, Management of Healthand Safety at work regulations 1992 and COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to healthregulation).1.2 Way in which health and safety policies and procedures protect those in social care settingsIn a social care setting these types of policies are very helpful in setting up instructionsand orders which has to be followed by health care organizations and staffs. It ensures that allservices are provided to patients in a proper manner. These act as guidelines which help patientsto get improved services by health care organizations.1.3 Differences in the main health and safety responsibilitiesSocial care workers:They are responsible to provide proper care and attention topatients. He/she works under the supervision of care managers who guide them so as to workeffectively.Employer or manager:They have vast knowledge regarding the various types of issuesand problems which patients may be facing.Others in social care setting:Other peoples are also helpful in providing care andsupport to patients, in managing the beds, laundering, etc.1.4 Situations in which responsibility for health and safety lies with the individualsThere are many situations in which individuals have the responsibility for health and safetywhich are like touching faulty electrical equipment in spite of warning, not putting a cigarette outproperly after smoking and ignoring their own medication thereby allowing small children toswallow it.1.5 Reasons because of which specific task should only be carried out with special trainingThere are many equipments and things which have to be operated in order to provideadequate services and in this context, it is very important to have trained employees who wouldbe capable enough to perform their roles effectively. Employees at health care should be able tounderstand their patient’s issue and accordingly, treatment should be provided. In this context, itis important to have people who got proper training.
1.6 Ways to access additional support and information related to health and safetyThere are many ways through which additional support and information related to healthand safety can be gathered. One can get information by talking to managers or by talking tosupervisors. People with high experience like colleagues at health care can be interacted so as toget proper information related to health and safety.2.1 Importance to assess health and safety risksThere is a lot of importance of assessing health and safety risk because through this,hazards can be identified and chances of harm can be minimized. Along with that, workingpractices can be transformed to safer way. Also, it provides better opportunities for people whohave learning disabilities. Last but not the least; it will also help in increasing awareness amongpeople at health and safety organizations.2.2 Steps to carry out a risk assessmentFollowing are five steps in carrying out risk assessment:Determining hazardsIdentifying People who may get harmedEvaluating risk and take actionFindings should be recordedRisk assessment should be reviewed2.3 Way to address potential health and safety risks identifiedRisk should be immediately reported to supervisor so that they could take immediatesteps in order to reduce the risk. Once the information is provided, then it is the duty ofsupervisor to look upon the risk and to reduce it.2.4 Risk assessment can help to address dilemmas between an individual's rights and health andsafety concernsAssessment of risk is very helpful in dilemmas between an individual's rights and healthand safety. This possible by making individuals like services users or people working at healthcare organizations they all should be informed regarding the risk which exists.3
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