Understanding Self and Others: Assignment (Doc)

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Understanding Self andOthers
INTRODUCTIONUnderstanding self and others required to analyse individual ability which further helps indeveloping personal or professional life. It is very important to know yourself, skills andcompetencies which make you capable to understand others & different circumstances (Cunha,Xavier and Castilho, 2016). In order to lead others, people need to connect with others, motivatethem, fulfil their needs, inspire and provide value or core benefits. Individual need some specificskills to understand others but before that they have to evaluate their own skills & competencies.This report cover various topics such as identifying 4 core skills and analyse that how it willprovide benefits and develop personal development plan. In addition, identify strength &weakness of their skills and address the area which required improvement. MAIN BODYPersonal Developmental Plan in order to evaluate various skillsIt is the process of analysing of improving their skill which required development. Withthe help of personal development plan (PDP) individual able to understand strength & weakness.In order to measure their potential, individual have to increase awareness regarding their skills &quality which make them different from other and capable to achieve goals & objectives(Doherty and Doherty, 2018). According to career point of view or achieve higher place in theirprofessional life they required some specific skills which discussed below: Pro - forma of public speaking skillsWhat is the core skill ? Public Speaking: It is an essential ability or skill which help in communicating information toothers and basically this word use for large audience. For example: In the workshop,conference, school or personal lives as well. Most of the people having fear of speaking inpublic. So regular practice will make it simple and make them individual capable to shareinformation to their audience with full of confidence which directly influence those wholisting them. Why is this core skill important ? Why did I select this skill to reflect on ?It helps in improving individual knowledge as well as confidence which required at the timeof performing on the stage. Every student will face this situation where they have to performin front of large audience. It help in all level such as school, collage life, in the office and in1

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