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Unit: 28 Website production

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Mostafiqur RahmanUnit 28 – Website ProductionTask 1ID: 1111382P1, P2, M1, D1Task 1.1 Web Architecture and Components (P1)Web Architecture1.Internet Service Providers (ISP)Internet Service Providers are a service thatprovides internet to someone and let themget access to internet. You pay your ISPthat will provide for you a way to connect tothe internet via modern or router.How is it used to connect to the internet?To be able to connect to the internet you willneed to make a contract with your internetproviders and they will send you a router. Therouter will send all the request to your internetservice providers server and they will allow youto surf the web. To get access to internet in a phone or any wirelessdevices you can use the Wi-Fi if your device does not have a Wi-Ficonnection you will have to connect with a cable.2.Web Hosting ServicesWhat is a Web hosting services?Web hosting server buy space andthen allows to other company(small business) to use their serverso they can store their website thenthey publish it on the WWW (worldwide web) and update it andprotects it. Web hosting service aremade to provide small businessesto get their website.Why is this important when viewing the internet?Hosting is important on starting a website because the website must bepublished to web hosting service so the customers will be able to go tothe website. This service is really useful for small businesses as it ischeaper and it give them protection and guaranty.3.Explain the domain structure.Domain is the URL but in form of numbers and it is changed into letter sopeople can remember it easier instead of this “1123.152.445”. sobasically it like a name tag for the server without that people cannotAssignment 1 of 2Assignment title: Tower Hamlets College (THC) safeguarding department – Understanding websitesBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT1
Mostafiqur RahmanUnit 28 – Website ProductionTask 1ID: 1111382P1, P2, M1, D1access the website. The domain structure is divided in 3 specific type.Top level domain it is the last part of the link (e.g. .com .it .fr .uk etc...).then there is the second level domain which is part of the link thatcontains the host name (, etc...). the thirdlevel domain is also called the subdomain this domain is located on theleft of the second level domain (,,,, is a domain name registrars?Is an organization that manages the reservation of internet domain namefor a company or an individual. If you do not register your website, peoplecan steal your name or idea.Why is this needed when connecting to the internet?Because you can use the link provided by them to connect to the website.5.Explain what is the worldwide web?Is an information space where documents and other web resources areidentified by the URLs, interlink by hypertext links, and can be access viathe internet from anywhere.Web ComponentsHardware1.What is a web server?A web server is a special server where all the data for all the websites arestore and from where our ISP (internet Service Provider) access theinformation or data and then our CPU process the information anddisplays it on the screen. Web servers have specific IP address it works?We go on a browse and type a domain name and then our Internet serviceprovider gets the data from server and then input it on the CPU then theCPU translate the data into images and text then it output the data to ourbrowser. Browsers are software that is used to access internet.2.What is a mail server?Is a server which is used to store e-mails. It is used from the local usersthat sends the message and the mail server react to the request and thensend it to the destination. Mail servers is a Hardware that deals with e-mails and how they process.Assignment 1 of 2Assignment title: Tower Hamlets College (THC) safeguarding department – Understanding websitesBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT2
Mostafiqur RahmanUnit 28 – Website ProductionTask 1ID: 1111382P1, P2, M1, D1How it works?They get the mail and they deliver it to their right owner.3.What is a proxy server?It is the server that is between the real server and the user that sendrequest. They provide increased performance and security.How it works?It works as the wall for the real servers so hackers cannot access privateinformation.4.What is a router?A router allows data package to go across the network and gets the datarequested by the user. The router connects the user to the internet.How does this work?The router sends information to the server and collects the informationthe user requested. With the router you can access the internet via cableor wirelessly.Software1.What is a browser?A browser is a software in your computer that allows the user to accessinternet. The browser turns the code that it receives from the web serverinto images, sound, video, text etc...-ProtocolProtocol is like a rule in which is written how the data will be transferredon the internet and go from the senders to destination. Without the rulesthe websites won’t work properly and it will break down.2.TCP/IPTCP (transmission control protocol) is a standard that defines how toestablish and maintain a network conversation. TCP encrypt the data andsend it then when the data comes it decrypt so we can use it. TCP workswith the IP (internet Protocol) which allows internet connection between 2devices. It attach a IP to the user and one in the server. The IP finds thefastest rout. TCP and IP are the basic rules defining the internet.3.HTTPSAssignment 1 of 2Assignment title: Tower Hamlets College (THC) safeguarding department – Understanding websitesBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT3
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