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Information System Assignment NGM Auto Rental Course

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Added on  2019-09-18

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Name: Md Alamin Bhuyian ID: 1022356Unit: 3 Information systemTask number: 1.1criteria: P1GOOD INFORMATIONInformation is data after process, is the result of processing, manipulating and organizing data. Normally we ask a question to database and the database display the information. When we collect any information we have to make sure that the information is good. To know that the information is good we have to make sure that all the information is:Assignment number: 1Assignment title: NGM Auto RentalCourse Name: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT1Sufficiently accurateAccurate information means correct information. Giving some information which is no accurate is pointless. For example, when NGM hire a car and car comeback to them at that time the yard supervisor has to provide the car information e.g. any damage, mileage and if there any part which need to be fixed. If the yard supervisor send the non-accurate car information to the admin assistant than it could be serious issue for the company. AccessibleAs long as with accurate the information hasto be accessible, it means that the information can access when it’s needed. For example, the NGM Company has a booking system database if the staffs in the outlet can’t access the database to make a new booking than it’s become pointless to have a booking system which can be used bythe staff.ValidA valid information is an information you can rely and trust. It should be unbiased and verifiable. For example the information that NGM has provided it’s valid. it’s not based on someone opinion and any user can verify it, the user can physically go there and check it. Cost affectiveIf the information is correct, accessible but the users has to pay to access thanit’s not a good for the organisation because not everyone would pay for this.For example, the NGM provide a document about the car has chosen to everysingle customers and if the company start taking money from the customersbecause the giving them a document about the car not all the customers willbe happy with their services.RelevantRelevant information is really important if a company give information about their company but it’s not relevant to their product that the information doesn’t make sense. For example, when NGM give the document about the car to customers for free the customers will be happy because they would think that is document will be helpful to them. Once the customers open the document and they see that the document is not relevant to this car that they have choose, the costumer could get up sad which is bad affect to every single business.
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