How to Identify the Training Needs of Employees

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The importance of effectively identifying learning needs of workers
in the hospitality industry:The introduction of competency-based
learning within Scotsman Hotel
Table of Contents
Background and description of area under study3
Literature review3
Defining and identifying the issues6
Clear analysis and decision-making based on valid information or data6
Detailed discussion on initiatives and issues6
Background and description of area under study
The study shall primarily cover aspects related to learning need of workers and how competency
based learning systems can be secured for them. For the convenience of the study of the study,
the Scotsman Hotel is chosen here. The hotel is established on a century old building which used
to hold The Scotsman Newspaper company for a century. The hotel is located in the old part of
Edinburg, UK. The hotel has been one of the most beautiful and richly decorated hotels in the
area. It offers top class facilities, services and food to the customers and houses with different
kind of games and other entertainment instruments. The hotel is swarmed by many tourists
coming from different parts of the world. This issues have raised the need to enquire and know
about the presence of proper training and education among the hospitality staffs. It can be said
that with good education and training, the staffs can be able to provide better services to the
customers and understand each and every of their needs and requirements. The need of learning
among the hotel staffs have somehow raised the need for providing them with the facilities of
competency based learning. In the scenario of competency based learning, staffs are provided
training and education on the basis of their overall grasping capabilities and intellect. Thus, the
systematic education systems can not only help in facilitating the customers with the right kind
of services and food, but shall also help in improving the overall environment and work culture
in the hotel.
Literature review
Different Studies have been conducted on the topic of the need band facilitation of education to
the various of the people in the hospitality industry. From the works of Narz, Downing and
Glass, it can be known and made out that the workforce in the hospitality industry is mainly
comprised of the young people (Jiang and Alexakis, 2017). These young aged people are also
categorized as Generation Y people. These people have high capability to do work. However,
they have some distinct features and characteristic traits. They are more interested in the work
that is more interactive and provides with clear and detailed information. In this respect, they
search for job where the job positions are clearly specified. They also show good responses to
the things that are taught to them (Brownell and Chung, 2001). It has also been seen that there
remains lack of managerial competence among these people. Due to lower managerial
competency, these people fail to get proper satisfaction in their work. Here comes the need and
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