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Online Appointment System Manual | Assignment

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Added on  2020-03-16

Online Appointment System Manual | Assignment

   Added on 2020-03-16

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Running head: ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM MANUAL 1 Online Appointment System Manual (Author’s name)(Institutional Affiliation)
Online Appointment System Manual | Assignment_1
ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM MANUAL 2 User Manual Patient Appointment System Group Members XXX YYYAAA BBB CCC DDD Client: XYZ health care facility Patient Appointment SystemThe patient appointment system is a software system designed to help the health care facility with its scheduling concerns. Through the system, patients are able to schedule appointments with doctors and by doing so significantly reduce the long waiting times that they have to undergo while they are at the hospital (White, & Pike, 2014). The system will also provide for better patient management as the doctors will be able to obtain information regardingthe patient before even he/she visits the hospital (Finkelstein et al., 2017). This allows for the doctor to better prepare him/herself to attend to the patient. This manual provides an in-depth overview of the different aspect of the patient management system and how they work. Initial User Details for Admin are: User Name: 1234 Password: admin
Online Appointment System Manual | Assignment_2
ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM MANUAL 3 Access To access the PAS the patient needs to visit the health care facilities webpage, and enter their user name and corresponding password in the patient log in panel. New patients who do nothave an account with the health care facility can create one by providing their details in the sign up panel and confirming the sign up process by clicking an email that will be sent to them. The admin is able to access the system by using his User ID and password in the admin log in panel. To enhance security for the system, log in for the admin is protected by a 2 factor authentication mechanism. 2-factor authentication protocols serves to enhance the security standards of the system (Gupta, & Denton, 2008).1. Main window Home PagePatient The home page is the landing age that the user accesses after the log in process. It is also the primary page from where the user can be able to access the different services offered by the
Online Appointment System Manual | Assignment_3

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