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Process New Customer, Process Payment, Process Declined Credit Card, Issue Membership Card Use Cases

Added on -2019-09-16

This document outlines the use cases for processing new customers, payments, declined credit cards, and issuing membership cards at a health club. The primary actor is staff, and the stakeholders are customers who want to join the health club. The use cases include determining discount rates, calculating payment amounts, generating bills, processing payments, and issuing membership cards. Alternate and exceptional flows are also described.
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Use Case Description Use Case Name: Process New CustomerID: 1Importance Level: HPrimary Actor:StaffStakeholders and Interests:Customer – Want to join the health club.Staff – Assists customer with membership.Brief Description: 12Trigger:13Relationships:Include:14Extend:Normal Flow of Events:1.Customer requests membership.2.153.164.System determines the discount rate.If desired membership length < 6 months, then discount rate = 0Else if desired membership length < 12 months then discount rate = .10Else discount rate = .155.System calculates payment amount.6.System generates bill.7.Staff gets bill and gives to customer.8.Customer presents accepted form of payment (cash or credit card).9.Staff executes the Process Payment use case.SubFlows:Alternate/Exceptional Flows:8a. 178b. Process New Customer terminates.

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