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Running Head: VPN TECHNLOGY AND SECURITYVPN Technology and SecurityName of the StudentNam of the UniversityAuthors note
1VPN TECHNOLOGY AND SECURITYTitle: The title of the assignment that istaken under consideration is VPNtechnology and securityAbstractThe evolvement of the VPN technology hasbeen growing in a very fast rate. Thisensures the fact that the global acceptance ofthe VPN technology in the field of thesecurity. This is due to the fact that the datathat has been flowing is secured with theprocessing of the prevention of the datapiracy in terms of the security. Theemployees consider the fact of establishingthe connection between the employees of theorganization who has been trying to interactwith the other employees of theorganization. Virtual Private Networking isthe best automated networking techniquethat ensures the factor that deals with thecommunication sector of the organizationthat is intra organization in nature. Thistechnology is used to ensure the fact that thecommunication bridge is maintained duringthe processing of the communication amongthe partners of the business, which has beenstaying apart but want to proceed with theirbusiness proceedings. This report willprovide the literature review on the topic ofVPN technology and security. This reportwill also discuss about the security issues ofthe technology. This report will furtherdiscuss about the advantages anddisadvantages of the VPN technology andsecurity. This report will also provide therecommendation for the processing of theVPN technology and security.IntroductionVirtual Private Network has been acting as aprocess that ensures the fact that thecommunication of data among theindividuals of an organization is maintainedand the processing is corresponded with themethodology of the processing of thecommunication. this fact enables theemployees of the organizations to stay intouch with each other. This technology hasalso proven to be beneficial for the purposeof the circulation of the rules and norms thatare stated by the higher authorities of theorganization. This helps the functioning ofthe networking system of thecommunication. Despite all the advantagesthat Virtual Private Network provides, thesecurity of the networking system is at stake.This is the terminology that is usurped thatensures the fact that the channel throughwhich the information regarding the datatransaction of the data through the channel.Instead of using dedicated connections, thedata related to the channel is secured as theVirtual Private Network ensures the fact thatthe ports of the system is well protected andthe only barrier it faces is that from thephysical barrier of the information system.to avoid this kind of security issues themajor terminology is provide secured datatransmission and receiving the same in anunaltered way. This technology ensures thefact that the combination of the technologyregarding the communication and thesecurity ensures the fact that the datatransaction processed is very beneficial forthe purpose of serving of the projection ofthe intra communication organization. Themethodology of tunneling is used for thetransaction of data from the ports of theorganization. This takes into considerationthe probation of the data is conducted by theterminology of transacting the data in the
2VPN TECHNOLOGY AND SECURITYmode of pocketing f the data in smallpouches and sending the pouches. Thetunneling of the protocol of the datatransmission is either performed by themethodology of Open System Connectionprotocol or by the methodology of theLayer 2 or Layer 3 networking layer. Thisensures the fact that the data is transactedefficiently. This ensures the fact that the datathat is transacted by the means ofencapsulation of the data. The encapsulatedata is put in the packet that acts as thecarrier for the information. This ensures thefact that the data that b is to be transactedfrom the either end of networking system.Either of the tunnel end secures the fact thatend points are usurped with thedecapsulation. This encapsulation ensuresthe fact that the data that is being transactedis encapsulated in the terminology of thedata that is transacted by the means ofpackets. The major reason of encapsulationof the data in the packet is that the data thatis being transacted leads to the fact that thesecurity of the data inside the packet is atstake. To avoid this terminology the majorprospect that is undertaken is themethodology of encapsulating the project.the term topology of encapsulation ensuresthe fact that that that is travelling throughthe processing of the packeting of thing thesame through the data and transaction. Literature ReviewVPN TECHNOLOGY AND SECURITYAccording to [1], The fact that theframework that is being transacted with theproceedings of the data through thechanneling technology includes the fact thatthe data will be protected in the channel withthe help of the usage of the firewall. Thishappens to be the best security of the datathat ensures the fact that the processing ofthe VPN technology is inspired by theprocessing of the firewall installation thatwill protect the Virtual Packet Networkingsystem from the access of unauthorizedaccess of the imposters. According to [3],The secondary data transaction also includesthe fact that the emergence of data includesthe fact that the security of ted at must beprovided from both the hardware andsoftware prospect. This will ensure the factthat the data is protected in case of theequipped data protection. This also a mainreason behind the processing of the be themajor risks. The hardware based on thenetwork through put depends on thefunctioning of the performance of thehardware which increases the reliability ofthe data transmission. This fact ensures thatthe data that is incurred through the channelof the data. VPN Deployment for security purposeRemote accessAccording to [2], Remote Accessmethodology is used for the purpose of thetransacting the data which will ensure thefact that connection and communicationbetween the locality is taken underconsideration. The local connection rangeincludes that of the communication amongthe people of same house or same businessorganization. According to [4] This factoralso takes not consideration of the fact thatthe data that is to be transacted is wellsecured and the connectivity is protected

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