Report on Waiters on Call-Delivery Information Management System

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Running head:Waiters on Call-Delivery Information Management System1Waiters on Call-Delivery Information Management SystemAuthorInstructorInstitution affiliation
Waiters on Call-Delivery Information Management System2STATEMENT OF WORK WAITERS ON CALL-DELIVERY INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT SYSTEM1.0 System Design1.1 IntroductionSystem design is a systematic way of defining the planning, unit, interfaces, and data for asystem to meet particular requirements[ CITATION Van13 \l 1033 ].It is the process of definingsystem elements and components to create a coherent and a desired system. System design maytake different approaches when developing the system; the methodology can be that of bottom-up or top-down approach. The structure of the system should explain the functional, temporal,behavioral and specific desirable appearance as per the users need[ CITATION Was15 \l 1033 ].1.2 Purpose and scopeThe purpose of the system will be to offer online order and delivery of food from restaurant tothe customers. The system will keep the orders and delivery records for analysis and help thehoteliers make appropriate decisions pertaining to quantity and quality of food preparation andservices.1.3 System constraints and assumptionsThe fact that the system will operate online makes it selective, some clients may not be in aposition to be online to make an order. Another constraint is that, people who are far may not getthe services in time. The assumption in the system is that, each of our customers will haveinternet access in order to make orders.
Waiters on Call-Delivery Information Management System32.0 Object oriented designThis is the conceptual model that enables programmers ensure system development isflowing[ CITATION Kop14 \l 1033 ].In Object oriented design phase, there is system analysis andsystem architecture. System analysis helps in proper studying of activities in order to identifyprocedures for achieving efficient operations. System architecture on the other hand defines thebehavior and structure of the system.2.2 System analysisWaiters on Call Meal-Delivery system will encompass the privacy of the customer’s order,responding to all orders, protection of the customers’ information and residences and generationof weekly report to the restaurants for good decision making. Once a customer has placed anorder, the system administrator will confirm the order to the customer and then direct the order tothe restaurants for packaging, after packaging, the driver will ferry the food to the specifiedresidences. Orders made in the system will be served on the basis of the near the destination thefirst to be served.2.3 System architectureWhen an inappropriate order is made in the system, the system administrator will respond to thecustomer appropriately, if the order is made by more than one customer from diverse localities,then the administrator will advise the restaurants to start offering the afore-ordered food. Thesystem will be designed so that, frequent customers create an account in the system so that theyare served on discounted rates.
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