Oil separation using PolyHIPE: Study

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Water/ Oil separation using PolyHIPEKeywords: polyHIPE, emulsion, polymerisation, electrostatic,absorptionAbstractIn this study, the water will be separated and the surface-activematerials will be removed from the high stable water-in–oilemulsions by using the superimposition of a high porouspolymeric material (polyHIPE) as demulsifier absorber withelectrostatic separation field to further enhance efficiency.Two kinds of high porous polymers will be prepared throughthree stages, such as emulsification stage, polymerisation stageand functionalisation stage. In emulsion stage the external phase(continuous phase) which is a mixture of monomer, crosslinkerand surfactant will be made by adding all these components intothe reactor with mixing and then the dispersed phase (aqueousphase) which consist of distilled water, initiator and stabilizerwill be added with continuous mixing. After that, the emulsion(HIPE) which is produced in the first stage will be set in an ovenwith fixed temperature and time to produce PolyHIPE bypolymerisation process. Through the functionalisation PolyHIPEpolymer stage, the sulphonation process will be used to alter the(PHP) surface from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, which allowsfast absorption of the water.Through the period of preparing the PolyHIPEs the materialcharacterisation tests such as composition, phase distributionand morphology (including determination of the surface areaand pore size) should be take place for all samples by usingthese equipment’s XRD, SEM, FTIR spectroscopy or others. Inaddition, this study will include preparing the water-in-oilemulsion and it must be stable for about month under roomtemperature before use it in an electrostatic field. Moreover,designing and construction of an electrostatic separator, many ofseparation trials and process evaluation will be done.

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