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Water Supply‐WI Administrative Code Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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Water Supply WI Administrative Code AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to give you some exposure to Wisconsin Administrative Code requirements for environmental protection specific to Drinking Water. This is not an in depth analysis (that would take an entire class by itself), but something to help you feel comfortable with Code so you could use the Wisconsin Administrative Code, or a different state’s equivalent, in the future. Use your text book and the Wisconsin Administrative Code to answer the following questions. For each answer include the citation or citations within the Wisconsin Administrative Code where you found your answer.Submit your answers to the dropbox by the due date.NR 8091.What are the two types of public water supplies? ANS: NR 809.04(67) A public water system can call as either a “community water system" or a “non-community water system." 2. Does a best available technology for treatment take cost into consideration?ANS: NR 809.90(1)(a)1. Yes, it takes cost into consideration.3. What is an entry point?ANS: NR 809.04(29)“Entry point" means a location in the public water system after treatment or chemical addition, if any, but prior to the distribution system. A sample collected in the distribution system may be considered an entry point sample if the department has determined it is more representative of the water sources.4. A daycare center is open 10 months of the year with teachers and 54 children registered to attend. Ifthe daycare center has its own water supply, would it be considered a non transient non community‐‐water system? If not, what type of system is it?ANS: NR809.04(58)Yes, it would be considered as a non-transient non-community water system.5. Would a Brita on Tap Faucet be considered a POE (point of entry) or POU (point of use) treatment ‐‐‐‐device?ANS: NR809.04(64) and NR809.04(65)It would be “Point-of-usetreatmentdevice."6. Is a system that uses groundwater under the direct influence of surface water a groundwater or surface water system?

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