Project Management Plan for Desklib's Battle for Runaways Event


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WBSTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsBattle for Runaways73 days?Mon 03-10-16Wed 11-01-17 Event Scope9 daysMon 03-10-16Thu 13-10-16 Determine Event Scope1 dayMon 03-10-16Mon 03-10-16 Secure Event Sponsorship2 daysTue 04-10-16Wed 05-10-163 Define Preliminary Resources3 daysThu 06-10-16Mon 10-10-164 Define Core Resources2 daysTue 11-10-16Wed 12-10-165 Scope Documentation1 dayThu 13-10-16Thu 13-10-166 Event Requirement Analysis16 daysThu 13-10-16Thu 03-11-16 Conduct Need Analysis2 daysThu 13-10-16Fri 14-10-166 Draft Preliminary Needs1 dayMon 17-10-16Mon 17-10-169 Review Budget and Need13 daysTue 18-10-16Thu 03-11-16 View Past Event Expenses2 daysTue 18-10-16Wed 19-10-1610 Prepare Preliminary Budget3 daysThu 20-10-16Mon 24-10-1612 Match with Current Market Rate4 daysTue 25-10-16Fri 28-10-1613 Identify Differences1 dayMon 31-10-16Mon 31-10-1614 Incorporate Changes2 daysTue 01-11-16Wed 02-11-1615 Finalize Budget1 dayThu 03-11-16Thu 03-11-1616 Incorporate Changes in Budget and Event Requirement7 daysTue 18-10-16Wed 26-10-16 Develop Delivery Timeline2 daysTue 18-10-16Wed 19-10-1610 Obtain Approvals to Proceed1 dayThu 20-10-16Thu 20-10-1619

Secure Required Resources3 daysFri 21-10-16Tue 25-10-1620 Event Requirement Documents1 dayWed 26-10-16Wed 26-10-1621 Recruit Judges9 daysTue 18-10-16Fri 28-10-16 Identify Required Judges2 daysTue 18-10-16Wed 19-10-1610 Identify Suitable Judges3 daysThu 20-10-16Mon 24-10-1624 Negotiate Payment Terms1 dayTue 25-10-16Tue 25-10-1625 Finalize Judge Requirement2 daysWed 26-10-16Thu 27-10-1626 Complete Documentation1 dayFri 28-10-16Fri 28-10-1627 Advertise for bands to compete12 daysFri 21-10-16Mon 07-11-16 Identify Advertisement Requirements2 daysFri 21-10-16Mon 24-10-1620 Conduct Bidding for Advertisement4 daysTue 25-10-16Fri 28-10-1630 Define Budget2 daysMon 31-10-16Tue 01-11-1631 Contractual Agreement for Advertisements3 daysWed 02-11-16Fri 04-11-1632 Complete Documentation1 dayMon 07-11-16Mon 07-11-1633 Find venue to hold event10 daysFri 21-10-16Thu 03-11-16 Identify Venue Specifics2 daysFri 21-10-16Mon 24-10-1620 Select multiple Venues3 daysTue 25-10-16Thu 27-10-1636 Match Criteria2 daysFri 28-10-16Mon 31-10-1637 Decide One Venue1 dayTue 01-11-16Tue 01-11-1638 Finalize Rent1 dayWed 02-11-16Wed 02-11-1639 Complete Documentation1 dayThu 03-11-16Thu 03-11-1640 Set Event Date and Time7 daysThu 27-Fri 04-11-

10-1616 Prepare Event Activities3 daysThu 27-10-16Mon 31-10-1622 Define Required Duration1 dayTue 01-11-16Tue 01-11-1643 Set Date and Time Accordingly2 daysWed 02-11-16Thu 03-11-1644 Complete Documentation1 dayFri 04-11-16Fri 04-11-1645 Contract sponsors for assistance 11 daysTue 25-10-16Tue 08-11-16 Identify Sponsors2 daysTue 25-10-16Wed 26-10-1613 Define Requirements2 daysThu 27-10-16Fri 28-10-1648 Ask for Sponsoring4 daysMon 31-10-16Thu 03-11-1649 Finalize Sponsoring2 daysFri 04-11-16Mon 07-11-1650 Complete Documentation1 dayTue 08-11-16Tue 08-11-1651 Develop partnerships with locations for events 18 daysFri 21-10-16Tue 15-11-16 Identify Requirements of Partnerships2 daysFri 21-10-16Mon 24-10-1620 Draft Requirements2 daysTue 25-10-16Wed 26-10-1654 Review Partner Specifications3 daysThu 27-10-16Mon 31-10-1655 Identify Specific Partners2 daysTue 01-11-16Wed 02-11-1656 Conduct Bidding5 daysThu 03-11-16Wed 09-11-1657 Choose two Partners1 dayThu 10-11-16Thu 10-11-1658 Finalize Budget Allocation2 daysFri 11-11-16Mon 14-11-1659 Complete Documentation1 dayTue 15-11-16Tue 15-11-1660 Achieve social recognition for cause through social media prior to events25 daysMon 07-11-16Fri 09-12-16 Identify Social Messages3 daysMon 07-11-16Wed 09-11-1646

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