Project Management: Benefits Administration Software

Added on - 17 Oct 2019

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Project Management: Benefits Administration SoftwareThe method that can be employed to cut cost in the project is by ensuring that the project finishesas per the requirements. Moreover, the project procurement manager will be procuring materialsthrough the channel that are comparatively cheaper. Also, the use of bidding can be the mosteffective method. The scope changes are mostly impact the budget and time of the whole project.However, one of the strategies that can be implemented is to eliminate the scope that are lessimportant and can be coped later. The table below shows the WBS with duration, time period,and the predecessors:Task NameDurationStartFinishPredecessors1. Benefits Administration Software111days?Wed01-02-17Wed 05-07-171.1 Scope11 daysWed01-02-17Wed 15-02-171.1.1 Determine project scope2 daysWed 01-02-17Thu 02-02-171.1.2 Secure project sponsorship3 daysFri 03-02-17Tue 07-02-1731.1.3 Define preliminary resources2 daysWed 08-02-17Thu 09-02-1741.1.4 Secure core resources4 daysFri 10-02-17Wed 15-02-1751.1.5 Scope complete0 daysWed 15-02-17Wed 15-02-1761.2 Analysis/Software Requirements23 days?Thu 16-02-17Mon 20-03-171.2.1 Conduct needs analysis3 daysThu 16-02-17Mon 20-02-1771.2.3 Draft preliminary softwarespecifications2 daysTue 21-02-17Wed 22-02-1791.2.4 Review softwarespecifications/budget with team4 daysThu 23-02-17Tue 28-02-17101.2.5 Incorporate feedback on softwarespecifications5 daysWed 01-03-17Tue 07-03-17111.2.6 Develop delivery timeline3 daysWed 08-03-17Fri 10-03-17121.2.7 Obtain approvals to proceed(concept, timeline, budget)1 day?Mon 13-03-17Mon 13-03-17131.2.8 Secure required resources5 daysTue 14-03-17Mon 20-03-17141.2.9 Analysis complete0 daysMon 20-03-17Mon 20-03-1715
1.3 Design39 daysTue 21-03-17Fri 12-05-171.3.1 Review preliminary softwarespecifications3 daysTue 21-03-17Thu 23-03-17161.3.2 Develop functional specifications10 daysFri 24-03-17Thu 06-04-17181.3.3 Develop prototype based onfunctional specifications15 daysFri 07-04-17Thu 27-04-17191.3.4 Review functional specifications5 daysFri 28-04-17Thu 04-05-17201.3.5 Incorporate feedback into functionalspecifications5 daysFri 05-05-17Thu 11-05-17211.3.6 Obtain approval to proceed1 dayFri 12-05-17Fri 12-05-17221.3.7 Design complete0 daysFri 12-05-17Fri 12-05-17231.4 Development22 daysFri 05-05-17Mon 05-06-171.4.1 Review functional specifications2 daysFri 05-05-17Mon 08-05-17211.4.2 Identify modular/tiered designparameters3 daysTue 09-05-17Thu 11-05-17261.4.3 Assign development staff2 daysFri 12-05-17Mon 15-05-17271.4.4 Develop code15 daysTue 16-05-17Mon 05-06-17281.4.5 Development complete0 daysMon 05-06-17Mon 05-06-17291.5 Testing22 daysTue 21-03-17Wed 19-04-171.5.1 Develop unit test plans usingproduct specifications3 daysTue 21-03-17Thu 23-03-17161.5.2 Develop integration test plans usingproduct specifications4 daysTue 21-03-17Fri 24-03-17161.5.3 Unit Testing18 daysMon27-03-17Wed 19-04- Review modular code5 daysMon 27-03-17Fri 31-03-17331.5.3.2 Modify code10 daysMon 03-04-17Fri 14-04-17351.5.3.3 Re-test modified code3 daysMon 17-04-17Wed 19-04-17361.5.3.4 Unit testing complete0 daysWed 19-04-17Wed 19-04-17371.5.4 Integration Testing10 daysMonFri 07-
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